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3 Reasons Any New Homeowner Should Rekey Their Locks

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3 Reasons Any New Homeowner Should Rekey Their Locks

So, you’ve managed to get your new home finally—it’s in a perfect size, at the price you needed it to be, and feels just like what you’ve always imagined it to be.


After signing the lease papers, getting over a few contracts, moving in all your stuff, and putting everything into place, the keys of your new nest are finally handed over to you. What’s next?


Well, have you considered having your locks rekeyed?

The importance of rekeying


Apart from making sure that your windows are safe and everything’s in tip-top shape, rekeying your locks is one of the most important and effective security measures that you can take. It may seem a paranoia at first, but reworking the key slots of any new home is a security measure that many new homeowners were glad they did.


Service providers, such as Locksmith Emergencies, have seen an increase in the number of rekeying requests that they get from new homeowners—and all for good reasons. Below are a few reasons that rekeying has become such an essential service to make your home safer:


It helps ensure that your locks aren’t damaged


One of the most important benefits of rekeying that any homeowner should note is that it essentially acts as a final nail in the coffin for making your new humble abode safe. Instead of finding out about damaged locks the hard way years after you’ve settled in, a locksmith can help make sure everything’s in tip-top shape by swapping out the key mechanism and make any necessary repairs.


It can help you save more money


You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on new locks. Instead, you can simply swap out the key mechanisms of the existing fixtures for a fraction of the cost. While it costs a whole lot less, rekeying your locks can help provide you with a sound safety. Moreover, because you’re essentially reusing the old fixtures, it is sustainable as well.


It can provide you with greater peace of mind


No matter how nice a previous owner may be, you can never be sure given the uncertainty on what they can possibly do with their old keys.


They may have extra keys to the same locks that they can use to enter your home and ransack it. By rekeying your locks, however, you can address such issues and make sure that you can sleep at night without having to check on your locks every now or then.




Rekeying has helped tens of thousands of London homeowners to make their homes a whole lot safer, especially for those who have moved into a new home. Through the use of locksmith’s expertise, you’ll be able to save money, feel a whole lot safer, and take the final steps towards truly making any home your own.

We provide emergency locksmith services in London. Regardless of whether you’ve been locked out of your home or wish to make it safer, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!



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