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3 Signs of Lock Problems

emergency locksmith in London

3 Signs of Lock Problems

emergency locksmith in London

The front door’s locking mechanism plays a pivotal role in acting as the first line of defence against potential smash-and-grabbers, making it crucial, protective hardware in every home. While people rarely give door locks a second thought, ensuring its functionality is in pristine condition can directly impact your security in more ways than one.


It’s common to experience door lock troubles once in a while, but there are problems that every property owner needs to fix immediately as it can leave you vulnerable to intruders. With that in mind, the list below should give a rundown of the common door lock problems that need professional repairs:

3 Signs of Lock Problems

Problem #1: Key Breaks or Gets Stuck in the Lock

While it is a rare occurrence, a key breaking into the lock is one of the most frustrating and time-consuming problems to deal with, especially since it happens without warning. This is not to embrace a DIY attitude as taking matters into your own hands can push the broken key deeper into the mechanism, which can do extensive damage. It’s best to call for emergency locksmith repairs so they can carefully remove the key without compromising the lock itself.

Problem #2: Misaligned Door Locks

A door lock that doesn’t align can ruin its functionality altogether, mainly because the internal parts of the mechanism will no longer work to its full potential as it fails to line up with the strike plate.

The strike plate is a component that is typically attached to the door jamb, so any misalignment may be due to poor installation. In more cases, the door experiences warping through the years due to constant exposure to inclement weather, causing the lock to shift and stray from its alignment.

Problem #3: Turning Lock Cylinder

A lock is designed to turn when a key is inserted, but the lock cylinder should stay in place. Once it starts to turn along with the key, then the underlying problem could point to a loose screw or faulty screw set as the primary culprit. This will keep you from locking or unlocking the door, increasing your risk of experiencing break-ins and other forms of security breaches.

The Bottom Line: Spotting the Warning Signs that Indicate your Lock Needs Repair or Replacement

Everything breaks down every now and then, but the problems above that plague your door locks are something worth addressing as soon as you spot them. These issues can compromise your safety, so it’s critical to put a locksmith on speed dial as any defects in its functionality can impair its level of protection.

How can we Help Boost your Lock’s Security?

Looking to boost the reliability and performance of your security system? Whether it’s to secure your home, business, events, and more, our quality emergency locksmith in London can help increase the safety of your space in more ways than one! Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you – from changing your door locks to deadbolt installations, we’ve got it all for you.

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