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4 Ways to Restore Security

4 Ways to Restore Security
4 Ways to Restore Security in the Office After a Break-In


4 Ways to Restore Security

Earlier in 2020, the UK saw a surge in break-ins in public establishments amid the coronavirus lockdown. Despite the decrease in burglary and theft in England and Wales, it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen to larger corporations. In light of the recent break-ins, offices have also become more mindful of their security to prevent falling victim to theft and burglary.


However, what happens to office spaces that have been a victim of a break-in? If you have experienced a recent break-in in your property, you must reassess your security levels by performing these four tasks:


  1. Assess The Damage


Assess the damage caused to the office and get the repairs done as soon as possible, especially those that have to do with the access points. Consider hiring a licensed locksmith to inspect the locks as it can be challenging to identify signs that a lock has been tampered with if you’re not experienced. With an expert, they will know what to look for and the necessary repairs to carry out.


  1. Evaluate Your Existing Security


The first step to rebuilding your office security is to evaluate the existing one. Although it has failed and led to a recent break-in, it still has core parts that you can use. Moreover, evaluating it will let you see your security plan objectively, which will help you work better on it.


  1. Fortify All Access Points


Since your office was recently broken into, it only means that there’s a flaw in one of your access points that became the entryway to the office for the intruder. You may have left an entrance unsecured. For this reason, be sure to take time to identify all potential access points and have them fortified.


Keep in mind that burglars will usually target doors and windows, meaning that you need to focus on fortifying these paths. This is why you must have commercial-grade security locks installed on all doors and windows. If your windows don’t have locks, you can consider installing window security films to deter would-be criminals from breaking-in because they won’t be able to see through.


  1. Secure The Perimeter


Fortifying access points is an excellent step, yet it will be ineffective if the office perimeter isn’t secure. Ideally, the area around the property must restrict access that will deter burglars from attempting to break-in. An effective way to do this is to use high-security padlocks on security gates and fences. You also might want to consider access control measures paired with surveillance, lighting, and barriers. These security features will help limit the number of hiding spots criminals that can take advantage of.





At this point, you now know that homeowners are not the only victims of break-ins. Business owners have also become targets of break-ins because, for an average criminal, an office is more “lucrative” compared to the average household. Because of this, you need to be vigilant when guarding your property and handling your security measures.


Despite being the victim of an intrusion, you can take this opportunity to restore your security back again and make it more secure. As discussed, you can do this by following the tips listed above, have a more improved security system in place, and have security professionals to help you assess your security measures.


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