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5 Steps to Take When You Get Locked Out of Your House

5 Steps to Take When You Get Locked Out of Your House

5 Steps to Take When You Get Locked Out of Your House

So, you’re locked out of your home in the bustling city of London. Don’t panic! Be assured that there are ways to get inside your house, even when you don’t have any spare keys. Indeed, calling a locksmith is the most practical solution, yet there are ways that you can still try to enter by yourself.


Even before you contact your local locksmith expert, here are five alternatives to try if you have been locked out of your home:


  1. Check For Open Windows


Before you try to break the window or barge through the door, go around the house and check for any window that you can prop open. The chances are that you could have forgotten to close a window before leaving the house.


  1. Remove Window Beading


If you’re already trying to get yourself inside, then you should give the window beading a try. Around the frame, there will be a metal or plastic strip where you can insert a screwdriver at a corner of the beading channel; open this gently. Use your hands to pull it free when it’s loose enough. Keep in mind that when you remove the window beading, you will need to replace it, and it can be a bit expensive.


  1. Try Getting In Through the Pet Door


You might think this is an absurd idea, but if you do have a pet door, you might want to try your chance and wiggle through it to get inside. However, this would only be more applicable if you have a small build.


  1. Get A Screwdriver


Did you know that you can actually use a screwdriver to pry open a gap in the window? When doing so, pry it open gently to reach inside so that you can unlock the door.


  1. Use Paper Clips or Bobby Pins


You can also try to pick the lock with a paperclip or bobby pin. Although this may not always work, it’s still worth a try. You can even use credit cards if your door has a standard spring lock. Find a point where the latch is located and insert the card between the frame and door. Hold the card perpendicular to the door, push while bending the card from the knob to slide the latch away from the door ham. Use your body weight to push against the door as you turn the card.


If all else fails, rest assured that expert locksmiths can still help you get into your house. The good thing about a locksmith is that they can also open doors for you as safely as possible, without any serious damages to your property. Moreover, as part of their service, they will replace your locks right after to enhance your safety.



5 Steps to Take When You Get Locked Out of Your House / emergency locksmith in London


At this point, you now know several alternatives that you can try out when you’ve been locked out of your house because you lost your keys. Although these DIY strategies may work, they can have more serious consequences, such as significant damages that may be costly to repair or replace. If you want to save yourself the trouble, you should call a professional locksmith to help you out. In doing so, you don’t have to deal with significant damages that may cost you more in the future.


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