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4 Considerations to Make Before Changing Your Door\’s Locks

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Before Changing Your Door\’s Locks

Have you found that your door\’s locks have been tampered with? Do you feel like your door\’s current locking mechanism is not strong enough? If so, you can upgrade the locking mechanism, and there are many options available in the market. For example, you can add more locks to the door or replace the current locking system entirely. Whichever route you opt for, there are always considerations you must think about to make the best decision possible.



For that reason, do consider the following things before going ahead with your plans:


  1. Rekeying


When it comes to changing the locks on your door, you do not always have to remove your old locks, toss the old keys, and replace both with brand new ones. On the contrary, all you need to do sometimes is to rekey the door, especially if your current locking mechanism is expensive.


  1. Multiple Locks


If you find that your old door locks are about to fail soon, you can replace the entire lock completely. However, you also have the option to add more locking systems, such as deadbolts, to enhance the security of the door. In other words, if you find that your old lock needs help, or you want to improve the security of your door, adding different locking mechanisms can help.


Replace the current locking system / Lock change


  1. Keyless Locks


Did you know that there are such things as keyless door locks? They exist. They are incredibly convenient and much more secure because there are no physical keys to be stolen. It can also be extremely beneficial for you if you have multiple doors and do not want to deal with too many keys hanging from your belt. Also, with the lack of a physical key, people cannot forcibly enter the home by stealing your keys or picking a lock.


  1. Lock aesthetics


Just like any other fixtures that you may have in your home, from windows to the roof, consider the looks of your locks carefully. That is because different locks have different aesthetics. Some are built to look more traditional, while others are fit to look more modern.


However, that does not mean you should put security aside. After all, there is no use to a good-looking lock if it does not keep you safe, so always prioritise safety while still considering the fixture\’s aesthetics.




Once you have considered all of the above, you can come up with a solution that you are happy with, whether that is to add more locks to the door or replace the mechanism with a keyless one. Nevertheless, if you discover that your lock has been tampered with, you must act immediately.


If you find signs of picking, brute force, or that your lock does not even turn properly, contact a locksmith as soon as you can. That way, if there was any actual tampering, to begin with, you will be safe knowing that with the new locks, whoever it was who worked on your lock has just had their efforts wasted.


Get in touch with Locksmith Emergencies right away if you need help with your locks. We can change the locks, add new locking mechanisms, and more to ensure that your home in London is safe and secure. Call now!

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