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Change the Locks on Your Establishment

Change the Locks on Your Establishment

Change the Locks on Your Establishment

The only thing protecting your store assets from the rest of the world is a good lock. If you want to keep your establishments secure, then you need to get your business locks replaced every now and again.


If you’re looking for signs that it’s time to change your locks, here are some of the most common reasons that people do so. If you are observing these signs on your own business locks, it’s time to contact your local locksmith and talk to them about replacements.


  • Old Age


Although commercial locks are built to withstand just about any damages, they can still deteriorate with age. Frequent use and exposure to elements can be enough for your locks to wear down and degrade.


At this point, make sure you change out your locks every couple of years. If it is rusted and old, there is a higher chance that it can break easily under pressure. This could potentially lead to break-ins to your storefronts.


  • Exposure to Harsh Weather


Another contributing factor for lock damage is constant exposure to harsh weather conditions. Examples of these include wind, dust, heat and rain. Factors such as longevity of exposure and degree of harshness can be contributing factors to its deterioration.


Not only does it wear down your lock, but it will also make it harder for you to open it eventually. For some locks, you might find yourself with a sticky key situation where the key doesn’t fully turn in the lock.


  • Recently Broken Into


An immediate reason for changing your locks is that they have been broken into. If your establishment has been broken into, it can only mean that it might happen again. People could replicate your keys or tamper with your lock so that they could open it.


In this case, it is absolutely a must to replace your broken locks. In some break-in cases, locks end up smashed or cut, which renders it absolutely ineffective. You might want to tighten up your security system by adding different kinds of lock hardware or even investing in deadbolts.


  • It’s Outdated


There is a difference between outdated and aged locks. As a general rule, you need to keep updating your locks periodically so that it remains completely secure for years to come. If your locks are outdated, then it means there are more crafty ways for people to break into them.


Make sure you are completely secure by contacting your local locksmith today and asking for recommendations for new and updated locks.


  • Keys Are Lost or Stolen


Another immediate reason that you should get your locks upgraded would be because of any lost or stolen keys. You will have to do this immediately if you don’t want your establishment’s security to be on the line.


The sooner you can get this done, the more secure you feel, knowing that no one else has access to your establishment but you.



Change the Locks on Your Establishment


Your number one source of security will be the lock to your establishment. Make sure that you take good care of it and replace it whenever necessary so that your storefront remains safe.


If you’re looking for an emergency locksmith in Paddington to secure your establishment in a pinch, Locksmith Emergencies is here to help. We provide locksmith services, specialising in rim and night latches, locked doors, UPV hardware, smart locks and more. Contact us today to secure your future.

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