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Digital Locks Why You Should Purchasing Them

Digital Locks Why You Should Purchasing Them

Digital Locks Why You Should Purchasing Them

Our lives are slowly being led to a more digital and interconnected way of living. Our fascination with automation has driven developers to help us cut down time spent on our daily routines by providing us with products that come with virtual assistants to help us plan our day down to the most minute detail.


Surprisingly, this growing trend of digital innovation isn’t too far from becoming the norm in the lock and key industry.


The Effectivity of Simplicity


Sometimes, when it comes to your lock system, having fewer features is the way to go. Though digital locks, due to technological innovation, seem to add a layer of security to any home, a simple yet efficient traditional lock system goes a long way in saving you from hefty expenses in installation maintenance and replacement—expenses that a digital model guarantees.


In this article, we’ll give you three compelling reasons why a traditional lock system is still the better option when it comes to safeguarding your home.


  1. Less durability and reliability


Digital locks, by design and material composition, just aren’t as stable or as durable as its traditional counterpart. While digital locks might be an attractive addition to hotels and inns due to a digital lock’s sleek and modern look, that’s mainly because these locks aren’t the first level of security in the property.


The reason why the traditional lock system still hasn’t fallen out of fashion is that they’re much harder to tamper with, and thus are excellent security accessories to exterior parts of your building. The most modern hotels and inns still make use of traditional keys for their exterior entrance and exits even if they employ digital lock systems for their interior rooms.


  1. Dependence on power


A digital smart lock is battery-powered, which means you won’t have to fear being locked out of your home if electricity runs out. However, if you have a more advanced model, it’s less convenient for you when you’re in an emergency.


If you have an advanced model that has remote capabilities that need a connection to the internet, then it’ll definitely shut down, and you’ll need more than a locksmith to get your door open. Traditional locks are easier to manage when you’re in an emergency, and locksmiths cost less if the issue is merely losing your keys.


  1. Long-term upkeep costs


One costly drawback of a digital lock is its upkeep. Property owners who are adamant about owning a digital lock system will have to prepare themselves for the expensive installation cost and frequent maintenance requirements.


Owning a traditional lock will need little to no maintenance unless it’s damaged significantly through extensive brute force or years upon years of environmental weathering. All it needs is a routine oiling every now and then to avoid jamming and the build-up of rust.




Our quick progression into the various advancements of technology has made us consumers excited to see what the next level of technological innovation will be next available in the market. While it’s not wrong to be excited about the latest trends of digital applications in our lives, it’s important to note that we should be wary about the security and stability of the product instead of being attracted to its novelty.


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