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Door Lock Not Working

Door Lock Not Working

Door Lock Not Working

A broken door lock is a major issue because it poses a security risk. It is an immediate threat to you and anyone within your household. You need to get your lock fixed immediately if you detect that there are some issues with it.


However, before getting it fixed, you must first determine the cause of the broken lock. This way, it can be fixed faster, and you can avoid the same issue moving forward. Below, we discuss different types of locks and the common causes for their malfunction.


  1. Deadbolt


The deadbolt is one of the most secure locks in the market. These locks breaking before you fully utilise them. However, it is still a possibility and it all boils down to the quality of lock that you chose.


Typically, deadbolts that take up the entire door frame break due to weak materials. These locks are often found in older homes. If your lock is cheap and inferior, then it is not surprising to see it break down early. You either need to get a new lock or get it repaired professionally. This way, you secure your home as well as protect your safety.


  1. Door Latch


A door latch is a common lock that you have in your home. This is why it is important to pay proper attention to these locks. Over time, they break down and while you can get it fixed using a lubricant like graphite, they are much cheaper to replace instead.


Door latches break down due to inherent misalignment issues. Over time, the metal wears down, causing the lock to come loose. Some locks also break down because of the poor quality materials used. This is why you should be careful with the lock type you choose.


  1. Keyless Door


A keyless entry is a common lock for newer homes. They are easy to install and dual lock. However, if you do not take proper care of this lock, then it will break down. While it is rare for this lock to break, technology may sometimes fail due to running out of battery or interruption in their signals and energy flow.


Most of the time, there are options to override this kind of security feature on your doors. However, if that also comes to fail, then it is more likely that you will have to break the door down in order to open it.


  1. Sliding Door Lock


The biggest issue with a sliding door lock is that they expand or contract, depending on the weather and temperature. While most of the time, these doors are made with that in mind so they have room to resize, the way the lock works could still be impacted because of this issue.


Most of the time, the only resolution to this is to replace the door completely. Any issues with the sliding door lock is usually attributed to the poor quality of the door itself, and replacing the door may be the only option you have left.




These are the most common causes of broken locks in homes. However, you should also take note of other factors like the severity of the break itself and the overall damage. This way, you can determine whether you need to get the lock repaired or replaced altogether.


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