Emergency locksmith

Emergency lock change

Emergency lock change

Emergency lock change

Changing a lock it will always be the best option when you moved into a new property , even when is rented because the ex renters might be coming back just in a short visit to collect the mail posted.

Or worse , you will never know what was the reason they left the property, maybe eviction and so on.

So changing a lock is mandatory we say.
Another situation when a lock it will be better to be changed is when the key has snapped inside or it s not turning as it should.

If the key has snapped that means the lock is not working properly or the gear box.

In Upvc , composite door cases probably the mechanism is not in working order.

Even the key will be extracted , with the new key it might happen again most then sure.

All locks supplied and fitted by our locksmith emergency team comes with 3, 5 key stainless steel not the brass one .

Emergency lock change

All locks comes with warranty and could be fitted 24/7 by out technicians.
With the high security locks it s less likely to happen due to quality of the material that is made.

Although the price is higher then the basic lock all high security locks worth every penny as over the years we never had a problem with any lock this type of security.
On upvc doors it is a common issue because of the mechanism involved, remember if the key is having any pressure of any kind for sure the key will be over turn and will snap the key.

At the first sign of stiffness you need to call the locksmith and sort the problem asap so you don’t have to end up locked out or worse locked in.

We do supply and fit any type of mechanism for Upvc doors and composite doors even if they are discontinued that will not be a problem because our technicians are ready to fix , replace with new parts any type of Upvc mechanism.
The old locks with 5 pins are easy to open that is the reason that all locks that we supply and fit comes with 6 pins, much difficult to open when there is no key involved.
In the 2019 we had a massive increase of smart locks installation, safe and with the help of technology keeping the door safe and informed on any time who has entered , who is knocking, who was there.

We recommend them you could have a look on the previous articles about which one is suitable for you.
Not only the lock must be changed also the inside latch speaking about the wooden door.

A good lock , high security lock with a basic security latch won’t be too effective as the basic one are easy to break , snap and so on With the high security latches the system that allows the latch to be attached on the door makes the latch impossible to break , the only way that will remain is to destroy the door.
The mighty Banham system is the leader , comes with a price but worth’s every penny.

With a system that surrounds the frame and deep buried into the door the Banham stands out when it comes to door security.
Our technicians are ready to change the lock in less then 30 min upon call.

Fast and reliable call us now.

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