Emergency locksmith

Emergency locksmith in East London

  • Gain acces from 49£ if simple
  • 20-30- min call out time
  • Lock change, new keys
  • All types of locks avaible, warranty and genuine parts

24/7 locksmith

  • 24/7 locksmith from 49£
  • Locked out? Lost keys?
  • Emergency door opening
  • At your door in 15 minutes!
  • Door repair and instalation

Comercial & Residential

  • Commercial
  • Automotive
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!​

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Emergency locksmith in East London


Emergency locksmith in East London

In Less than 30 min our Locksmith emergency team locally based is ready , fully equip , insured and trained to help you fix the lock, improve your security and also gain entry, replace the lock, after burglary repair and many there services.

Locked out is a service that we offer , experts ready to come on your door, with modern technique available 247 locksmith emergencies provide the best service in the trade.
With transparent prices , affordable, suitable for your budget our locksmith emergency team offers security advice free of charge.

Whenever you have an emergency locksmith from our company should be expecting that the technician will open the door 100%, will fix the lock, replace the lock with new one on spot.

 Locksmith emergency team carry with them fully range of locks, deadlocks, rims, magnetic locks and many other locks from basic security to the high end security at your door in less than 30 min .
East London Locksmith is being covered by locksmith emergencies by a well established team in the trade from over ten years, with a warehouse based in East London cutting time effectively, resulting less waiting time for our customers .

Because you know, nobody likes to wait when is in emergency locksmith situation.
East London locksmith emergency technicians provides services for both residential and commercial properties with a wide variety of services from gaining access to the property, locked out to change the lock, basic security night latches , cylinders, mortice locks, dead bolts to he high security locks the best in the market standard lock or custom lock are also being offered by our company in East London .

After burglary repair also a service offer in East London by the Locksmith emergency team, door repair, new door install, fresh install, cctv, alarm system. East London locksmith also install safe , opens them damage and non damage way.

East London Locksmith has one the best safe opener in the trade with more then 10 years experience in the safe opening technique.

Our Locksmith emergency company supply and install all types of safes.
Iron heavy duty gates are manufactured and install by the Locksmith emergency team in East London with a dedicated team , experienced and fully insured. Feel free to call for a security advice , appointments are also welcomed.
East London Locksmith emergency covers East Ham, Bow, Walthamstow , Sidcup, Shoreditch, Dalston, Wanstead, Leyton, Woodford, Stratford, Poplar, Canning Town, Manor Park, Chingford, Bethal Green.
No matter what the issue is we at Locksmith Emergency East London are available 247 for you ! Call now !

Locksmith emergency in Limehouse, Poplar

Having a locksmith in East of London has never been easier since our emergency locksmith team in London has reached the call out time less than 30 min from the moment we received the phone call. It could be a phone call, a message through the instant messenger service , no need to register, w app instantly or contact form and it will reach an email towards us. On w app we may suggest to send pictures as for the most accurate qoutations a picture worth 1000 words what they say. Please note that the prices told over the may vary depending on the situation encountered by the technician on arrival.

Our London team emergency locksmith covers Limehouse area with experienced locksmith technicians well trained, insured and carry with them all type and sizes of locks. We must mention that all locksmith are being regularly checked DBS for security reasons, because no one wants people with record having access to property.

Limehouse emergency locksmith team has 4 members, long time in the trade delivering the best service for Limehouse and surrounding areas. We mention City of Westminster, Chelsea, Poplar, Isle of Dogs, canary warf, Lambeth, Battersea, Clapham, Stratford, Barking, Woolwich, Greenwich .

All locks provided are genuine, delivered toward us under contract straight from the manufacturer we closely working with partners such as : Yale, Banham, Era , Versa, Tss, mul t Lock, Union, Cisa, Ingersoll, ABS avocet, and many other more. All parts comes with 6 months warranty supplied and fitted by us.

From the basic security cylinder to the high security cylinder with features like anti snapping, anti drilling, anti picking; all this will come with our technician in any of the Limehouse area or surrounding areas.

Night latches British standard all sizes traditional or heavy duty , double locking systems also provided on spot with the Limehouse Team of emergency locksmith.

Locksmith emergencies offer services such as locked out, locked in, burglary repairs, lock change , upgrade security, upvc door repair, multipoint mechanism repairs or replacement, multiple locks same key, locked the keys inside car, other services available upon request.

Our locksmith emergency call center is operating 24/7 ready to answer any request as the fully effective of the team are locksmiths on duty. 

Call us now and the emergency locksmith team of Limehouse is ready to deliver the best fast and affordable service in the business.

Lock change in RM5 and fix mechanism sliding door Upvc

Our client that recently moved in Romford area ,has called with an issue that the door had and couldn’t close the door overnight. 

The locksmith emergency technician arrived in time , removed the mechanism from the door, fixed the mechanism and fitted back fast , working as it should , like feather. 

The client also was advised over the security of the door, that having a Chinese made cylinder on that high security door it should be changed with one of our wide range of anti snapping, anti drilling , anti picking a range that comes with 5 stainless keys in the box. 

For the Upvc doors the sliding ones we stock all parts regardless of the model if has been discontinued or not. In this case the model was high security, one of the bolts had the safety contra bolt dropped into the frame, the locksmith emergency technician removed the mechanism from the door, readjust the levers of the bolts and fitted a new secure bolt with a proper contra measure. 

The owner bought the house recently and was thinking of changing the lock in the near future, but with this matter the opportunity has occurred, we didn’t charge any labour for the new cylinders, now upgraded to high security level offering a much mire safety house entrance door and back garden. 

We recommend to all home owners once they moved into the property to change the lock as soon as 1h, our locksmith emergency technicians are ready to answer your call within 30 min from the moment of the call. 

All locks supplied and fitted on spot, warranty and genuine parts. A level of security should be reached on any house but we mention that the houses positioned on the corner of the street with a fence, a gap between houses , a place that could provide access to burglars in the easiest way. 

Please upgrade your security as being vulnerable will always attract burglars. 

Locksmith emergency services are available 24/7 with us. Call us now and any lock change, fix the lock , upgrade the security, gain access, locked out, upvc door issues will be solved in a moment.



Having an emergency locksmith near you is a huge benefit. While their services might not be something you’d hope to ever need, it’s good to know that you’re never too far from expert help when the need arises.


In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know for situations that require a locksmith’s aid so that you know exactly what you can expect when working with one.


Emergency locksmiths can help you in many different situations


You don’t necessarily have to be involved in an emergency to be able to call an emergency locksmith. The term only means that should you need their help quickly, you’ll be able to count on them arriving in no time at all.


It doesn’t matter what time and day it is, their services are available to you around the clock, seven days a week. Some situations that you may want to call on their services include the following:


●     You have lost your keys and can’t get into your home or office.

●     Your lock is damaged or otherwise unable to open, preventing you from entering your property.

●     You suspect that someone has attempted to break into your home or has successfully done so, and you want to have your lock changed or have additional locks installed.

●     You have a personal safe in your property that you can’t get into.


These are all situations that can occur at any time, but they need to be addressed quickly nonetheless. In these cases, an emergency locksmith is just the person to call.


Locksmiths can handle digital locks as well


Not every lock is opened with a physical key. Sometimes, a digital code or a specific electronic signal is needed. Emergency locksmiths, at least the best ones, can also tackle these types of locks with no problems.


That means that if you encounter any of the situations highlighted above and the lock in question is electronic-based, you’ll still have the same peace of mind that they would be able to help you.


Emergency locksmiths won’t damage your locks


If you don’t want to have your locks replaced entirely and simply wish to gain access to your property quickly, you don’t have to worry about the locksmith forcibly breaking your lock open.


They’ll have the tools and expertise needed to open your lock without causing damage to the surrounding frame or material. This means that you can go back to business as usual without having to worry about potentially expensive repairs or replacements.


Their services won’t cost much, either


Speaking of expenses, hiring an emergency locksmith is not as expensive as you might imagine. In fact, even the best services available are surprisingly affordable, and the services they provide are truly top-notch. Besides, neglecting your lock for the meantime could potentially lead to more costly expenses down the road.




As you can see, emergency locksmiths are heroes in their own right. If you ever need one, just give them a call. They’ll be ready and able to help you so that your problem is quickly resolved.



Have a locksmith emergency in east London that needs urgent attention? We have multiple locations across London, and we’d be happy to help you out. Reach out to us now!