Emergency locksmith

Front door faulty lock

Front door faulty lock

Front door faulty lock

Here at locksmith emergencies we encounter lots of problems due to night latch being too old and refusing to respond.

Although it might seem to operate smoothly an old lock could operate less when you not expecting. The locks are not lifetime warranty and after a while they will break.

If you have the traditional lock will be a good idea to replace it with a new anti drilling anti swiping anti picking lock.

Available in any colour such as silver, brass, polished silver at your door in less than 30 min. All night latches are genuine ,available with warranty.

We mention Era heavy duty double locking with a feature that allows you to fully close the door and only from outside and only with the key.

On top of all locks sits the mighty Banham that is available with us in any colour also , genuine and warranty available.
In the case of the upvc doors, composite doors the faulty locks are a common as a the multipoint mechanism, the most encountered issue is because of the gear box and unaligned doors.

The locksmith emergency team is trained and specialised to fix and replace any multipoint mechanism even it s discontinued.

All parts are being offered by our emergency locksmith team on spot , available with warranty.

For any questions please contact us through contact form, landline number, available on the messenger sending pictures, will help the call center emergency team to provide the best solution fast and affordable. Handles also are being affected by the faulty mechanisms, we stock a wide range of handles available in any colour.

Locks available on any size and type. Starting with the basic locks cylinders comes with features like anti snapping anti picking anti drilling ensure that the door it s safe and impossible to break through.

Top of the range cylinders are impenetrable, impossible to drill, snap or pick.

They are the best cylinders available such as ABS avocet, Yale 3 star, the Banham and a few more.
Call us now if you notice a minimum stiffness of the key and avoid of locked out situation or not being able to close the door overnight. We are available 24/7 serving London and Surroundings.
Best locksmith service in London for more than 10 years.

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