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Home Security Mistakes That You Should Stop Making

To help you out, here are a few home security mistakes you should avoid:

As a homeowner, you can\’t afford to ignore home security. No matter where you live or what kind of home you have, security should be a top priority. As a homeowner, it\’s your responsibility to take steps to protect your home and family from intruders.


To help you out, here are a few home security mistakes you should avoid:


1) Installing Bad-Quality Locks


Your locks are your first line of defence against intruders. But if your locks are of bad quality, you are simply leaving your home\’s security up to chance. Imagine how bad it will be if the intruder manages to get through your cheap locks.


To prevent this from happening, you should invest in locks from trusted and reliable brands. You can also get the services of a locksmith to replace your locks and upgrade their security. Consider investing in multi-point locks. They are more secure than regular locks and are harder to break.


2) Hiding Your Spare Key Outside the House


Hiding your spare key outside the house may seem safe and convenient. But it\’s not a good idea. If someone broke into your home, they would easily be able to find the spare key to steal your car and home.


Your best bet is to store your spare key in a place where it will be easily accessible in case someone needs it, however, it\’s not wise to leave it lying about for everyone else. So the next time you leave home, don\’t forget to bring your car and house keys with you.


3) Creating Blind Spots


Creating blind spots in your house is a bad idea because it leaves your home vulnerable to break-ins.


The best thing you can do is eliminate all blind spots, especially on the first floor and in your back door. You should also keep all your doors and windows locked at all times. Be mindful of the time too. If you go out at night or during the wee hours, it\’s best to leave a light on to deter potential burglars.


4) Having High Fences and Hedges


High fences and hedges may seem attractive and cosy, but they also make your home vulnerable to burglary.


If you have a small yard, put up a shorter fence and leave some space where the intruder can see through. It will provide a small visual cue that your property is protected. Another important thing you should do is to use motion sensor lights. It will help deter potential intruders from coming into your yard.


5) Not Hiding Valuable Items


Hiding your valuable items is a necessary step in home security. But you should also avoid displaying your merchandise on shelves, tables and countertops.  It may seem convenient but leaving your valuables in plain sight is a bad idea.  Also, you should make sure to store your valuables in a place where only you can access them.


Any items which you don\’t use often, it is recommended to store in a safe or a vault. You may also consider installing a surveillance system or a home monitoring system to keep an eye on your prized possessions.




Taking care of your home security is very important because it affects the safety of your family. So, to ensure that your home stays safe, always check the locks and replace your old ones with new ones if necessary.


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