Emergency locksmith

Lock change by London Locksmith emergency

Lock change by London Locksmith emergency

Lock change by London Locksmith emergency

Any lock could be installed by anyone with just a but of skill.

Although it might seem easy as you watch a technician on job, it s not what it seems.

The technician is experienced and trained, experience comes in times with many types and sizes fitted, freshly fitted and with no place for mistakes as any lock wich hasn’t been properly fitted will cause trouble 100%.
In the next lines we will try to explain as simple as possible what is must to do when the lock changes.
First the new lock as we recommend to all customers, if you having a lock changed you should consider upgrading the lock to a high security one if you don t have it all ready.

Removing the lock with extra care as you don’t want to damage the door and the holes attached.
After removing the lock , make sure you buy the right size, as all locks comes in many shapes and formes especially for the cylinders . Having the lock with you will be ideally.

After you bought the lock have a look in the box should be scheme that has some measurements.

Make sure you have that measurements.

Fitting the lock straight is a must.

If there is any sort of angle the lock it might be jamming and it will be a locked out situation or similar.

Make sure the lock works like a feather, twist it a few times but always with the door being open.

We have experienced many cases when the customer has fitted itself the lock and call our emergency locksmith 24/7 team to unlock the door.

A common isuue is with the Upvc doors.

All types of locks are being supplied and fitted by our locksmith technicians as they carry all locks .

Also keep in mint that the lock type depends on the type of door that you have.

We do not recommend to fit a night latch on a Upvc or composite door.

We have many stories about mistakes made from this issue.
If you feel any sort of stiffness or theblatch is not coming into original position, that should be a question mark that only our technicians could be able to answer.
Our Locksmith emergency London area and surroundings is available 24/7 for residential and commercial properties delivering the best service in the trade from over 10 years.
Please note that for the parts not supplied by us we will not be able to offer warranty as the warranty applies only for our genuine quality parts.
So do hesitate and call us now !

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