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Tenants left the property, lock change – Covid 19

Tenants left the property, lock change - Covid 19

Tenants left the property, lock change – Covid 19

Here at locksmith emergencies we had many challenges over the years from impossible safe to open to blocked doors and extremely rare lock changes.

But now we are facing another step to climb with this threat of the pandemic virus that has surrendered the planet. Stay safe People, treat this matter seriously as the damages produced by this Virus are the worse of all.
We have received many request over the last 2 weeks for our service gain entry and lock change. At locksmith emergencies we have less than 30 min response time from the moment we received the call or your message from the contact form or instant .

All our technicians are fully equipped with all types of locks, size and level of security, lock change has never been easier than that.
Many and many landlords reports that their renters have gone not being able to pay the rent as they lost their jobs and they just cannot wait for the June to come until some of them will receive a part of the income, offered by the Government.

So they left to another smaller property or in some cases from the country leaving the landlord in the position of breaking the lock in order to gain entry and definitely change the lock. It will never be a good idea to leave the property without a notice or worse not paying rent.

It will have first of all an impact for your credit score as this will be reported and not last will not be fair for the landlord as they didn’t request for this to happen, any landlord wants long tenants , creating a comfort as much as perfect that it could be .
Our locksmith emergency service operations will run normally of course with the 6ft distance, gloves and mask. Our service is essential for lock out situation and any other service lock and door related will not be a problem for us.
Covering London and surroundings in 30 min or less the technician will communicate his exact eta with you.
Call us now and the lock is sorted.

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Lock change is a must in this situations as the property needs to be safe and hard to impossible to break in. For the pvc doors we have basic security cylinders with 3 to 5 keys, the high security cylinders with anti picking, anti snapping, anti drilling features prove to be the best in the business ensure the safety of the property either residential or commercial.
Lock change is also available for wooden doors with our dedicated rims ERA 6 pin for the basic security and Yale British standard rim 6 pin among with ISEO and ABS the best of the best in the industry.

ABS locks comes with a card and code that makes it similar to Banham locks, only registered owners could cut the keys.
That being said you lock change is one phone call away.

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