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3 Tips on What to Do After Losing Your Key, London lock change

Home keys are one of the common items that always get lost in between all the chaos of your everyday life. They always get buried in handbags or jump from place-to-place in your memory, resulting in rush hour mornings and frustrations.

Losing your keys can spell a recipe for disaster, and while it’s normal to panic, it only leads to frantic and unfocused searching. With that in mind, the tips below should help promote a systematic approach to your treasure hunt and ensure you can easily find what is lost.

Tip #1: Stay Calm and Search On

It’s easy to get lost in your frustration when you know you need to leave the house in a rush, but the first step is to stay calm to ensure you can focus on searching for the keys without a clouded thought-process.

The lost key is highly likely within 18 inches of its designated spot, or so studies found in what you call the “Eureka Zone.” Search systematically by checking out the area where you think it is and widen your search within the 18-inch-wide ‘eureka zone’ before moving on to the next possible hiding spot.

Tip #2: Pivot to Cluttered Areas

 Whether you’re still hunting for the lost keys within the ‘eureka zone’ or have moved on to a new area, it’s best to focus on cluttered areas. Most lost items are found in the place where you last left them, only it’s been hidden away by some unexpected clutter.

Research also found that the eyes are naturally drawn to open spaces, which is why people tend to reach for the lost item in empty spots. Keep in mind that if the keys were somewhere obvious, you would have already found it.

With that in mind, it’s best to hone in one cluttered area as there’s a high chance that it was lost somewhere in the mess.

Tip #3: Call Professional Locksmith Emergency Services

 If retracing your steps fails and there’s no more time to stay calm, calling an expert locksmith in your area should be your last resort. The best locksmith can answer your call no matter the time, making them the best option for those who have exhausted all options trying to break inside their home.

Whether you find yourself locked out of your home or can’t enter due to a damaged key, locksmiths are sure to provide the best solution.

The Bottom Line: Finding the Best Key to Unlock Your Problem

 Misplacing your house keys can be a frustrating experience, but the tips above should help clear your mind and drive you in the right direction in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

Calling locksmith emergencies would do the trick, but the best solution is to prevent losing your keys in the future by latching them onto your essentials – be it your phone, belt, bag, and more.

 If you are looking for a quality emergency locksmith to help you change your door locks in London, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

One of the most requested service is the the lock change service covered in London and surroundings by our dedicated teams of locksmith emergency technicians. In the case of losing the key or the tenants have been moved or even the lock is too old the lock needs to be changed so you don t have to experience unpleasant situations. As soon as possible the locksmith technician will come in less than 30 min when you request that that.

What locks to choose and what will be the best ?

locks out there
Here at locksmith emergencies we stock the vast majority of the locks regardless of the type and size.
For the upvc doors all locks are available from the basic security cylinder to the high security cylinders such as Abs avocet, ERA 3 star, Banham . All types available on spot with our locksmith emergency team on affordable prices and a reliable service. All parts are genuine and warranty is available with all parts.

Trusting a locksmith , what company should you choose

There is a wide market of locksmith but unfortunately not all of them are companies that you should trust.
Here at locksmith emergencies we have a history behind with reputable locksmiths being in the trade for over 6,8 and even 10 years.
All our technicians are DBS checked regularly and we ensure that you will always have the best service out there as we place the customers satisfaction in the center of our process. From the call center team you will be guided closely of what means the process in terms of time and cost . The technician will handle the job with a professional approach and explain the cost clearly as the cost may vary from situation to situation.

How much it will cost to open the door?

A common question that brings many answers. There is two ways of opening any door: damage and non damage.
Non damage way starts from 59£ usually labour quoted . Other techniques will have a various price depending on the door and the type of lock. Please note that not all the doors could be opening with the non damage way. In the case of the double locking latches it will be impossible also in the case of the anti swiping locks.
And there is the damage way that will open any door. Price starts from 120£ for the basic security ones and goes up to 3,4,5 times more for the high security ones. Some locks are impossible to drill, require special drills and special tools. A high security locks cost will be higher on purchase and also will more expensive than a simple lock to open.
Our technicians could open any door as until now there was not a single door that wasn’t open .

Improving your security , adding another lock

Having a locksmith technician on your property either commercial or residential will always be a good idea to ask for service that is called security advice. If you need to change the lock , upgrade the lock, available on spot with our wide range of locks. Or better , add another lock for a better security and ensure the property. British standard available for insurance purposes. Warranty and genuine parts.

Call center and the quotes

Locksmith emergencies call center is available 24/7 having experienced locksmith activating in the trade , calling us will be guided step by step and the quotation free of charge no obligation will always be as accurate as possible. You will hear question like what kind of door it is or what lock it is and so on. Communication with our call center has never been easier since we have the multiple ways of contact like the contact form, w app, or the message app instant with no number, email or any sort of registration.

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