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Lock change

lock change

Emergency lock change

Over the years we have experienced many and many situations that should not been happening and all having the same thing in common: ignoring the faulty lock , snapping key or faulty mechanism, difficult to open or close.
Here at locksmith emergency lock change will never be too difficult as our specialised locksmith emergency team carry with them all type of locks.

With this advantage and with our trained , insured and DBS checked locksmiths will change the lock within a few min from the arrival.

Polite and mannered will always deliver the best service as we proud ourselves with zero complaints over the years. Our clear policy price will always stand out as the cost will be explain from the beginning assuring you that the best service is being provided.
Our call center is operating 24/7 and with a team of locksmiths answering the calls we can say that we have the best call center that could exist in the trade.

As we know what means to change a lock , a few question will be asked as we need to identity the correct lock for the correct lock avoiding this way the false impression of increased cost.

Please not that any lock change that will be happening will be explained of what means that , the correct lock to be replaced, type of security : basic, medium or high , the locks will be displayed by the locksmith so the difference from what was before, what we offer and what the upgrade will mean.
Buying yourself the lock will not be recommend because we cannot Ofer warranty , only genuine parts that we provide are the subject to our invoice.
Insured and DBS checked you will always be in safe hands, all technicians having a minimum of 4 years in the business.
Upvc door are our specialty with over 10000 doors opened without damage and rising, lock change over 2000 and counting.

Mechanisms are available for entire London and surroundings does not matter if it is discontinued.

Move into a new house ? Change lock is a must as nobody wants ex renter to come when he please just to pick up his mail.

Call us now and change lock with us for the best service in the trade.

Lock change. Smart locks are reliable ?

Lock change. Smart locks are reliable ?

Every day we receive more and more phone calls from customers that are asking for lock change with a smart lock.

It might seem a bit difficult to use but is so simple, and you even you don t need a key anymore.

Just tap your finger and you are in. Or if you have a smartphone you could also unlock with a simple tap, or if just want to let someone in.

From our point of view this is the feature and the old traditional key will be left behind in the following time.
Ideally will be to ask for a locksmith opinion when buying one as they come in many types and after fitting so many we know what it will be the suitable one for your type of door and the security required.

The majority of locks will come with descriptions like could be fitted on any door . But the truth is not all of them are suitable for front doors, bedroom doors or office doors.
In the picture is the ZKT Al 20 suitable for bedroom and office door .

Lock change. Smart locks are reliable ? Lock change. Smart locks are reliable ?

The customer requested the lock change as the previous one was cylinder based and he keep losing the key . After a phone call to our 24/7 emergency call center we advise choosing from a wide range of locks, the smart locks. In this case the lock is key operated, fingerprint operated, code operated, app operated.

It could hold up to 100 users. The bedroom has been transformed into an office and only allowed people could go inside.

Lock change. Smart locks are reliable ?

Additionally a camera was installed in and out so once who ever wants to enter, the visual will be instant, camera available live on mobile and desktop; once they left the office door will be closed from the app even the owner is not there. This solution worked brilliantly with the customer needs as no keys required, the noise was significantly reduced as I mention it s house and the silence is a must.
Not all the locks will work great as we fitted many types but not all of them work so great.

Be aware of the Chinese cheap locks, as when you change lock you should always consider to call a locksmith, all our technicians carry with them only genuine quality locks also the special demands will not be a problem with us.

Feel free to contact us 24/7 and you will have a proper, discreet service with invoice provided at the end, british standard for insurance purpose available with all locks.

Lock change in less than 20 min

Lock change by London Locksmith emergency

Unlock the door could be an easy job for a locksmith.

Look at the locksmith on duty and you will see what means to unlock the door, and how long it takes to change the lock. Of course all Locksmith emergency technicians are professionals trained and qualified for unlocking the door and changing a lock.

Some locks are easy to unlock that should raise a massive question mark about the security that you had. The technician will tell straight away if the security is basic, medium or high.

Fo the basic security the process of unlocking the door will be quite simple , no special tools, no special drill bits for drilling the lock.

The lock change will be cheap and it will offer the same security at least like before.

All our locksmith carry all locks able to fit any basic security on spot fast and reliable.
For the medium security locks things change meaning that the process of door opening it will be much harder and it will require more time.

The technician will tell straight away if it will be difficult to open and how much time it will require.

The lock change will possible on spot as our technicians carry with them all types of locks.
Now the difficult from all are the high security locks , really difficult to open and will also require more time than the previous. The high security locks are the expensive one and they are at the top of security.

With the best features in the trade , a brand will never fail to do the job.

Lock change in less than 20 min

Lock change also available for any type with our specialised team of technicians.

All our locksmiths are qualified, insured and prepared to open any door or composite Upvc.
The upvc doors with the multi point locking system are one of a kind, having them blocked it will be quite difficult to open , only a locksmith will be able to open this type of doors.

Even the mechanism could be fixed we recommend changing the old one with a new one even it has been discontinued as our special dedicated locksmith team could change the lock and mechanism on any type of composite, Upvc door.
Lost the key ? Call us now for gaining access and for lock change , fast and reliable with local locksmith covering London and surroundings areas.

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