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Lock replacement in London

Lock replacement in London

lock replacement in London

There are plenty involved when it comes to buying a brand-new home as it is. When you\’ve finally transported all of your things and settled with your family, what\’s the next step? A housewarming party with your friends and loved ones, of course! Celebrating the new milestone in your life after all the house-hunting and the process of buying and all that is definitely ideal.


However, when it\’s all said and done, you need to change your locks. Safety and security should be your top priority at all times, and the locks in your new home are a key element of this.


Read on to learn more about why you need to change the locks in your new home:


  • Former Residents Are Strangers


Do you know who lived in your home before you purchased it? If it\’s a brand-new home, do you know how many real estate agents could have had access prior? Unless you bought your abode from someone you actually know, there\’s a chance someone will be able to access your home, which is already stressful in itself.


Even if the realtor says that you have the only copies of the keys, you can never be too sure.


  • Lock Design Concerns


Aesthetics are a perfectly valid reason for your locks to be changed. Sometimes, the locks of a home that has some years to it will involve rusting. It\’s also possible that the present-day locks do not match your personal style at all or how you want the home to feel.


  • Security Concerns


In some cases, the locks of a home may not provide enough of a \”safe\” feeling for a homeowner. Thankfully, there are numerous types of locks in the market. \”Analog\” or \”manual\” locks may not have the same psychological effect that electronic ones do.


Personal preference plays a role here, but so does the way technology constantly evolves security-wise.


  • There Are Several Key Copies Floating Around…Maybe?


Jumping off the previous point, there\’s a chance the front door key, at the very least, has other copies elsewhere. Whether the chances are slim to none or actually pretty major, do you really want to risk the notion of a stranger being able to walk into your house?


The previous residents might have forgotten keys they\’d given out before: family, friends, partners, roommates—the possibilities are endless.


Changing your locks means you have full control and awareness of who can access your home.


Unify the Locks of a Home


There are a number of situations that can lead to a house having multiple lock brands. In turn, the homeowner ends up with an entire ring of keys. This situation can be avoided simply by having a single lock brand for all the locks in a home.

Emergency lock change in London



Moving into a new house is a time for celebration. That said, safety and security are crucial and shouldn\’t be overlooked. It\’s important to change the locks in a brand-new home because there could be copies of the keys floating around, lock brands could be unnecessarily assorted, and the lock design may not fit the homeowner\’s aesthetic.


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