Emergency locksmith

Locksmith emergency – London lock change

Locksmith emergency - London lock change

Locksmith emergency – London lock change

Locksmith emergency for London service proudly deliver the best service in the trade for over 10 years.

Lock change has never been so simple to us as over the years the stock of every each technician has become much bigger and suitable for any lock change.
From the basic cylinder that starts from the price of 65£* with features such as anti snapping, anti picking, anti bumping and anti drilling the high security one starts at the price of 255£*.

With that we can assure that any lock change upgrading to that will be a succes for your safety. Please note that on top of the cylinder price it will be also labour and call out charge .

Any additional modifications will charged separately. Please ask our technician the price before he starts the job as he will explain everything before of starting the job.
Also do not hesitate to ask for a security advice as it is free of charge in the case of a lock change and you will be surprised to find out new things about locks and safety involvement.
Locked out it could lead directly to a lock change as in special circumstances damage the lock will be necessary.

Will never try to damage the lock directly as any locksmith should bot be doing that. Firts , where the situation allows us non damage way should be applied and if nothing works it will be the damage way.

In this case the lock change is a must. All locks comes with 3 to 5 keys all parts are genuine , with no recalls over the years we proud ourselves with the best service in the trade when it comes to lock change service.

British standard it is a must for insurance purpose and we supply all types of locks, also in the case of a lock change we recommend that the best choice will be a British standard lock.
In Kensignton and Chelsea area we the most requested service of lock change with over 6000 inserts over the years.

Banham locks and Heavy duty Era are the most common locks in this areas as well as the avocet cylinders and Yale 3 star. One of the finest team are the Kensignton lock change team with technicians with 6 plus years in the company the youngest one.
Safe lock change is also what we do and it s available anytime just a phone call away.
We also install new safes on any surface with a special dedicated team.

Upgradind your security has never been so easy, just call us with our hourly rate of a minimum of 49£.
Locksmith emergergencies is covering entire London and surroundings areas with services such as lock change, locked out, jammed door, jammed key, fix the lock, fix the door, install new lock, upgrade security locks, after burglary repair, board up after burglary, ensure overnight security, rekey, locked the keys inside the car, safe opening, safe install , upvc door fixing, patio door fixing, gear box upvc mechanisms of any kind even they are discontinued, we supply and fit any type or size. Gates of all kinds , garage doors.

Please call for a special enquiry as we have a separate team of lock change experts ready to come at your service.
Feel free to ask any question through the chat, w upp or through direct line that connects you to a locksmith trained and experienced in the field.
Call us now and avoid spending amount of money well earned.
We are here for you 24/7

Lock change, identify the problem and fix

For the Upvc door , a common issue will be the door is not closing properly, it sticking and so on. We identified this as the main cause of the issues: misaligned doors leads to forcing handles, force mechanism and overturning the key, snapped key.

When this happens it a must to call a locksmith as for sure it will lead to another problems affecting the mechanism, the handles, the lock, the hinges.
Our emergency locksmith technicians are operating 24/7 along side with our call center team across entire London and surroundings.

All our technicians are fully trained and equipped with the vast majority of locks all types and all sizes. All parts supplied and fitted by our locksmiths emergency technician are genuine , not the cheap parts from eBay, and Chinese made, British standards and with features for the cylinders such as anti snapping, anti drilling, anti picking we mention ABS avocet cylinder one of the best high security cylinders out there comes with a card, that will allow only the owner to copy the key.

For the night latches we mention ERA heavy duty, Banham , Ingersoll, ABS rim lock.
Call us now for the best service in London and you will have the security advice for free.

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