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Locksmith Services uk

Locksmith Services UK

Unlocking the Various Types of Locksmith Services


For most people in the UK, calling a locksmith isn’t a common occurrence. Most of the time, people only call for emergency locksmith services when they’ve been locked out of their homes. However, contrary to popular belief, there are actually several different types of situations that require the help of a locksmith aside from helping you gain entry back into your home. The following list features some of the common locksmith services in the UK today.


Residential Locksmiths


Residential locksmiths are technicians who specialise in residential locks and security. This is perhaps the most common type of locksmith service and is often what comes to mind when talking about locksmith services. These technicians cover a specialised set of services that are mainly focused on residential houses, such as:


  • Emergency Lockouts
  • High-Security Duplication
  • Keyless Entry Locks
  • Panic Hardware Installation
  • uPVC Doors and Lock Installations
  • Installation of CCTVs and Smart Home Security Systems


Commercial Locksmiths


For larger buildings and corporate hubs, commercial locksmiths are the ones to call. They work mostly on office complexes, hotels, warehouses, garages, and production plants. In simpler terms, they work in places where there’s a lot of human traffic and where specific groups of people usually gather. These places typically require much more advanced security solutions compared to residential areas. Some of the systems they work on include:


  • Remote Keyless System Installations
  • Biometric System Installations
  • Implementation of Key-Card Access Points
  • Master Key Systems
  • High-Security Padlocks for Safes and Storages


Automobile Locksmith


Getting locked out from one’s home isn’t the only thing people worry about. The possibility of being locked out of your vehicle is also something that many people deal with. If you suddenly left your keys inside your car while in the middle of nowhere, an automobile locksmith is the person to call.


This is another locksmith service that requires a specialised set of tools and skills. With most cars having both electronic and smart keys to provide multi-access to car owners, these locksmiths bring with them the necessary tools to help you regain access to your vehicle.


Institutional Locksmith


For government facilities, schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and modular buildings, a special kind of technician is needed called the institutional locksmith. This type of technician evaluates and understands the operational needs of a building or establishment before recommending security options to match their requirements. Some of the systems they cover are:


  • Key Control
  • Card Access Systems
  • Key Making and Replacement
  • Lock and Key Installation
  • Visitor Management System


Forensic Locksmith


Out of all the locksmith professions, this is perhaps the most delicate of them all. A forensic locksmith is a professional that employs scientific tools and methods to understand and deconstruct how a lock system works. They basically study locks and security devices by gathering and analysing data. By doing so, they are able to determine how a lock was opened, bypassed, or neutralised.


As the name suggests, these locksmiths are also valuable in forensic investigations, security information, and insurance claims. While they are not part of the forensics team that investigates the crimes, they act as consultants who provide insights and evidence that could be useful to them.

Locksmith Services uk




This list just shows that locksmiths actually come in all shapes and sizes. Not every locksmith company will have professionals trained in other areas. That’s why there are more specialised locksmith professions out there to do the job.


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