Bedroom door is locked

Bedroom door is locked, the key is lost or the lock is broken

Bedroom door is locked
In many cases bedroom door or inside door has a deadbolt lock.
If this deadbolt doesn’t move or is stuck most of the cases in the closed position, you need to call a locksmith. Don’t try to break the door, the door will be fine hopefully but the frame will be gone meaning holes visible with the door closed and still the door will not open.

What happens next is that the locksmith will open the door after a hole of the size of a coin will have to be made through the door, safety plate, plate, levers . If the lock is heavy duty that means hard work for the locksmith, although it might seemed expensive, just have a look at the locksmith and conclude at the end if it worth the money.

The levers will be removed manually and the deadbolt manually retract into open position.

Our locksmith company supplies all deadbolt locks on spot BS , insurance approved, sash lock and so on.

Of course we cover the holes and there will be nothing to be shown.

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