Lock change

Lock change and the importance of High security locks

Emergency lock change

Although it might seem that the lock that has done the job for some time looks secure enough you should consider improve your security as the traditional locks are being left behind compared with the new ones with comes with features like anti picking, anti drilling and many other features.
Nowadays the Upvc doors are stronger and stronger but not so safe unless a high security lock change will be made.

We do supply all types of locks for Upvc Doors also the mechanism could be replaced or fixed no matter if is discontinued by our emergency locksmith team available 24/7.
If the keys have been lost we strongly suggest to change the lock as soon as possible.
For the wooden doors the most common lock is the traditional lock with definitely does the job but when it comes to security the traditional lock is at the lower rate of standards.

We do suggest to change the lock, not only the rim , that also it will be ideally to change the lock with the high security rim with features like anti picking, anti drilling; and the inside latch to match the level of the front lock.

The heavy duty latches insure a high level of security with catching bolts surrounding the door and double Lock the latch with a feature that is a must and that is anti swiping.

The keeper is also buried into the frame leaving no space for the door to open with force.

At the very high end of security stand out the mighty Banham coming with features that are ticking all boxes. The keys are registered under your name and could be copied only by the owner itself.
For reaching the maximum security that a door could reach , a wooden door, we suggest to install a mortice lock on the lower half of the door and this way your door will become the most difficult door to break from all .

Emergency lock change

We do supply, freshly fit and change any type of mechanism and mortice lock . British standard it s a must for insurance purposes.
When changing a lock consider a few things, why not spend slightly more for a much better high security lock and insure your property either residential or commercial, so in the future you don t have to spend again more money with the cheap locks; an expensive door it s useless without a good quality decent lock (remember that the vast majority of doors comes with cheap locks), all this together will make a huge difference in case of a burglary.
Call us now for lock change, an improved security and a peaceful mind. We are available 24/7.

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