emergency locksmith in london

Emergency locksmith

And what you need to do

Emergency locksmith in London

Locked Out? Lost Your Keys?




Top 10 reasons why people need emergency locksmith services.

1) Locked keys inside of the house.
2) Unlock car
3) Keys have been lost.
4) Key has broken off inside of the lock.
5) Locks need replacing after burglary.
6) When moving into a new home.
7) When concerned about home security.
8) When the safe combination is forgotten.
9) To recode an electronic keypad lock.
10) For transponder key reprogramming services.

Lost the key to the safe?


Lost the key to the safe?
Run out of battery ?
Forgot the combination?
No matter of wich type of safe it is, a locksmith will always know what to do.
There is destructive and non destructive ways to open every safe. But please note not all the safe are the same. Some of them require patience and skills to open, some of them are quick to open and cheap.
So no matter what safe it is give us a call and we will sort the problem. Also new safe are available anytime with us.


london locksmith


Does the door not close properly?
You better call a locksmith.
The vast majority of the doors are being exposed to sun and rain so in time the doors will be affected.

Wood or upvc doors, once they are exposed to whether conditions means someone should have a look, from time to time, a quick service, adjusting the hinges, align the door, adding oil to gear box.

If the door not closing or opening properly you should call a locksmith asap.

Will not cost a fortune but it might be ending up locked out or in.

Upvc and composite doors are the worse.

It is common on upvc doors that the mechanism it is easy to malfunction in the close position. So if there is any stiffness once the key has turn, or the door needs to be pushed hard or pulled hard to be opened , please call a locksmith. It will take 1 minute and it will save your door.


Lock the keys inside the car?


Lock the keys inside the car.
You better call a locksmith.
There is a few ways to unlock door. Most of them are non damage.
A locksmith will know what to do fast and secure.
Just a tip, do not leave nothing on the seats like a bag or something that will attract thieves. You will be a victim for sure. The window can be smashed in 1 sec leaving you without goods.
There might be some cases where there is 1 key. And is lost.
That is really annoying. A locksmith can rewrite a new key at a cost much less than a car dealership on spot no silly appointments and time waisted.
But please have in mind that you should always have a spare key. If you don’t have one from various reasons I strongly suggest you to call a locksmith and order a spare one.
It will save you Money, time and a massive headache.


Why you need a locksmith ?


Why you need a locksmith ?
Well, that is a very good question.
A locksmith will know how to open a door, non destructive and destructive way. Of course destructive way doesn’t mean taking the door down from the frame. Just damage the key hole and manually remove pin by pin out and at the end rotate the inside lock. This need to be done by a someone who knows what is doing, a locksmith. Because the door needs to be untouched or the gearbox to stay untouched.
Obviously the non destructive way is the one wich everyone wants but depends of type of lock.
So don’t damage the frame or the inside lock. Call a locksmith, will save you some time and a big headache.


what you do when you lost your keys?

emergency locksmith in london


Lost the keys ? And bag, purse suitcase with id and adress inside ?
In this case we suggest to change the locks as soon as possible. Even if you have a spare key. For your safety and peace of mind call a locksmith and change the lock. You never know who has taken your bag.
The police says that in most of the cases with the stolen bag the victim should change the lock in the next hour and stay at the property untill locksmith has come.
As soon as you noticed the missing key, bag you should be heading home because who did this crime in most of the cases they are on the way to the property especially if the property is near pub, restaurant .
So be aware and look after your personal things no matter where you are


The key has broken or snapped inside the lock?

Emergency locksmith

The key has broken or snapped inside the lock because the inside mechanism is faulty or the key is not spinning at its should be.
There should be a question mark if the key it’s a bit stiff when is turned. That’s not a good sign. Call a locksmith asap.

This minor stiff could end up in a terrible lock out.
Wood door , composite door, upvc door doesn’t matter, of course the door locks with blocked hooks and gear box jammed are the worst case scenario.

Every blocked door is difficult.

No one is servicing the door and as time flies the mechanism will be adding shrapnel, dust, rust, loose pins, loose levers and it will affect the lock or mechanism wich will lead to a stiff key, hard to turn or even impossible to turn the key.
So save the time and effort call a locksmith.
Avoid being locked out or a locked door.


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