Improve your security

How to improve your security if you’ve been robbed/burgled

improve your security

You came at home and found the door lock damaged .
That’s the sign you’ve been burgled or attempt to.
Call the locksmith asap to change the lock even if they didn’t manage to enter the property.
You should consider improving your security taking into consideration the high security locks, high security night latches and hi security deadlocks.
If you have only one of the above please consider fitting a new one for example a deadlock.

As a suggestion the second lock should be under the level of letter box and for the full security one on the top side of the door.

Of course a surveillance camera is always welcome.
So please avoid basic security lock and call a locksmith for a better security .

The upvc door is not closing properly or is jammed.
The worst of all, yes.
All mechanisms needs a service from time to time.
But some of them they show no stiffness, not a single small sign that it will not open any time soon and it s blocked in closed position.
Only a locksmith will open the door.
We strongly suggest to not try to open yourself with a screwdriver or similar, because once the frame is damaged it cannot be fixed and you still need a locksmith.
Sometimes the hooks or the sliding bolts needs to be removed with a grinder. It s that difficult. Either the gear box is faulty or the levers hooks are jammed.
We do replace all types of mechanisms even so many of them are discontinued.
Has the lock been fitted by yourself ?


improve your security


Looks easy but is not.

You need to be skilled in order to correctly fit a lock , a hinge, a door. It looks easy and expensive when someone else is doing it, a locksmith in this matter; but is not.

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  1. you guys are my love, your work style is awesome, your article is very informative. .we should hire that person who is trustworthy and an awesome locksmith.
    i had an great experience with you
    Thank you so much

  2. […] This locks have been designed to prevent burglary and theft . In most common cases there will be a uPVC door having the classic cylinder fitted. The classic cylinder has a weak part in the middle wich breaks very easily. Once the cylinder has been snapped the door will be opened . […]


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