Emergency locksmith

Locksmith Emergencies in London



starting from 39£


starting from 49£

Basic security lock

starting from 64£

Basic night latch

starting from 95£

Upvc mechanism

starting from 169£

Fresh install

 55£ /h

Simple lock to open



How much does it cost to get a locksmith to unlock your house, car or safe ?

Here at locksmith emergencies we offer a wide variety of services 24/7 no matter what the situation you encounter we will fix this, replace , gain access .
From the first interaction with the customer we explain clearly the prices and what means to have a locksmith into your location on emergency basis and how long it will be until the technician will reach the property.
We have a small list of services with prices that are not including VAT and after the list every service will be explained as follow :

How much does it cost to get a locksmith

Gain entry – non damage 49£ starts from
Gain entry- damaged lock 120£ starts from
Cylinder- basic security 39£- starts from for 1/2 cyl
Rim Cylinder – Basic security 65£ – starts from
Mortice Lock- Basic security 65£- starts from
Sash lock – Basic security 85£ – starts from
Handle – Basic wood door 75£- starts from
Unblock Upvc door 120£ starts from
Handle – Upvc door 95£ – starts from
Upvc gear box 180£ – starts from
Upvc Full Mechanism 360£ – starts from
Padlock removal – Small size 120£- starts from
Locked the keys inside car 125£ – starts from – non pick day time
Lock the keys inside the boot 180£ – pick the lock day time
Safe opening – type 1 180£ starts from
Call out charge 49£- day time /120£ night time after 22:00 / after 00:00 240£
Labour 49£ starts from night time tariffs applies

How much does it cost to get a locksmith

Gain entry non damage refers for that types of doors that could be opened with non damage techniques. Please note that not all the doors could be opened this way.

Starts from 49£ day time and goes up to 180£.

Night time the Tarif goes up.

Gain entry – by damage the lock means the only way that the door could be opened will be by damage the lock.

Please note that not all the lock are the same and the non drilling ones are the hardest of all and they start from 250£. Night tariffs apply also.

Lock change – cylinder.

For this one starts from 39£ basic security one -the half cylinder and for the full cylinder starts from 65£.

Thub turn starts from 85£. Oval starts from 160£, Mult t lock starts from 250£. Please note that depends what the size is the price may vary.

Night tariffs apply also.
Rim cylinder- basic one 65£ , please note that not all the rims are the same and could not be fitted on any type of door. Night tariffs apply.

Mortice lock basic security – starts from 65 for the 3 lever 2 inches.

Sash lock basic security- starts from 85£, please note that all the locks are not same and quality defines them.

Handle bedroom door- starts from 75£.

Handle upvc door – 95£ starts from. For the rare one s please enquire.

Upvc gearbox – starts from 180£ for the basic ones, depending on what shape and type they comes in different models and brands.

For the discontinued ones there please enquire.

Upvc full mechanism starts from 360£ , for the discontinued ones please enquire.

Padlock removal – removed by cutting with grinder starts from 120£ depending on what type of lock it is the price could be higher.

Locked the keys inside the car – non damage technique starts from 125£ day time. For night time upfront tariff applies in amount of 250£

Lock the keys inside the boot of the car – pick the lock it will cost 180£, night time 250£ upfront.

Safe opening – for the small size safe class 1 opening fee starts from 180£

Call out charge – 49£ day time , 120£ 22:00-00:00, after 00:00 it will be 240£.

Labour is chargeable foe every single job/ door / lock ; Starts from 49£ for the simple ones and goes up depending on complexity.

Call us know for our clear and transparent pricing policy and in less than 30 min we will be there.

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Why you need a locksmith ?
Well, that is a very good question.
A locksmith will know how to open a door, non destructive and destructive way. Of course destructive way doesn’t mean taking the door down from the frame. Just damage the key hole and manually remove pin by pin out and at the end rotate the inside lock. This need to be done by a someone who knows what is doing, a locksmith. Because the door needs to be untouched or the gearbox to stay untouched.
Obviously the non destructive way is the one wich everyone wants but depends of type of lock.
So don’t damage the frame or the inside lock. Call a locksmith, will save you some time and a big headache.