Locksmith Emergencies in London


starting from 39£

starting from 49£

starting from 64£

starting from 95£

starting from 169£

 55£ /h

Locked Out? Lost Your Keys?

Did you lose your keys? or did you lock the car with the keys inside? this has happened to us at least once in our lives! But instead of stressing and delaying work, better contact a specialist to save the situation!

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Why you need a locksmith ?
Well, that is a very good question.
A locksmith will know how to open a door, non destructive and destructive way. Of course destructive way doesn’t mean taking the door down from the frame. Just damage the key hole and manually remove pin by pin out and at the end rotate the inside lock. This need to be done by a someone who knows what is doing, a locksmith. Because the door needs to be untouched or the gearbox to stay untouched.
Obviously the non destructive way is the one wich everyone wants but depends of type of lock.
So don’t damage the frame or the inside lock. Call a locksmith, will save you some time and a big headache.