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Signs It\’s Time For A Lock Change

Signs It's Time For A Lock Change

Signs It\’s Time For A Lock Change

Most individuals don\’t consider changing their locks, whether they\’ve just bought their first home or have lived there for decades. Door locks that are up to date and work properly are necessary for today\’s environment!


If your locks are damaged, difficult to use, or you\’ve recently moved into a new property; you should consider having them replaced. This blog will walk you through the items you should think about and when you should update your locks to prepare for your lock replacement in London!


Your Locks Are Old and Rusty


It may be time for a lock change if they are extremely old. If properly cared for and maintained, a basic lock can last for several years, but as wear and tear accumulate, the lock\’s efficiency will deteriorate.


Even if your locks are in fine working order, it\’s always a good idea to consider updating them to keep your home safe from prospective burglars and to reduce the danger of them breaking and leaving you stranded!


Your Lock\’s Damage Is Visible


If a door lock has noticeable damage or isn\’t operating properly, it\’s a good indication that it needs to be changed. A lock should be simple and functional, with a smooth and pleasant feel.


If your lock has been damaged, is bulky, unsteady, or is otherwise difficult to use, it\’s probably time to replace it. At the very least, they\’ll be noticed!


Even if the lock is still functional, damage to it might increase the likelihood of it breaking, leaving you locked out, unable to safeguard your house, and even vulnerable to becoming a target.


To be safe, we recommend having your local Locksmith in London, the UK, visit and inspect your lock. It could also be a great time to upgrade your property\’s overall security by installing higher-security locks and hardware!


You\’ve Lost Your Keys


If you\’ve misplaced or forgotten your keys, you never know who might find them, putting your home at risk. We always recommend changing your locks if your keys are lost.


Unfortunately, you won\’t be able to do much about your keys being stolen other than track them down and report them missing to the police on a non-emergency number, but you can alter your locks to make your home safer.


You\’ve Had A Break-In


Burglars prefer to enter through doors, with 75% of all burglaries in 2021 occurring through a door. You must change your locks immediately after being burgled if the worst happens.


Your locks may have been harmed in the attack, but it could also suggest that they were not secure enough. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method to prevent a break-in, but different locks can come with different security features, making your property more secure and secure.


Similarly, burglars frequently return to a property they\’ve already targeted, assuming they\’ll be able to get access again, making it even more critical that you change your locks to protect your home!


You\’ve Purchased A New Residence


Moving is an exciting (if not a little stressful) experience, and the top of the list for most people is to think about the décor and get the Wi-Fi set up.


However, it\’s also vital to consider lock change in London.


Even if the locks are in good working order, you never know who has a key or what they might be planning. It\’s possible that the former owners had a spare key somewhere, that they gave duplicates to children, friends, or neighbours, or that they just misplaced a few.


We usually recommend changing the locks as one of the first things when moving into a new property. A local Locksmith can be summoned to meet you on your move-in day, which is a terrific method to secure your home, assets, and family.




There is never a disadvantage to replacing your door locks unless you replace them with worse locks. One of the most significant components of house security is powerful locks, which can set your home apart from the others.


There are numerous more reasons to replace your locks, but these five are the most common ones most homeowners face regularly.


Hopefully, this list will assist homeowners in making the best lock choices and maintaining vigilance over their home\’s security.


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