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The Importance of Calculating the ROI of Your Security Investments

The Importance of Calculating the ROI of Your Security Investments

The Importance of Calculating the ROI of Your Security Investments

A reliable security system is a fundamental function in various aspects of society – from crowd-control in events, preventing break-ins, to something as simple as installing a quality door lock at home. While people know the importance of security systems, residential clients often find it more difficult to invest in the right security measures.


For one, the costs may seem tricky to justify at first glance, especially for homeowners who don’t have a context of what a quality system can impact the return on their investment.


What Does Return On Investment Mean in Relation to Your Security?


Calculating the return on your security is tricky to measure as the most effective systems initially look like it’s doing nothing at all – but the lack of break-ins, smash-and-grabbers, vandalism, and other complications involving your property is good news for you.


Another way you can measure the ROI is to consider the effectiveness of a product. High-security locks, for instance, promise to deter potential burglars by ensuring it is unpickable as possible. Cutting or drilling it open would be a moot effort, all of which are factors that define the returns on the initial investment.


This makes security systems like unsung heroes, but understanding how it’s worth the penny should encourage more people to invest in the right equipment.

The Importance of Calculating the ROI of Your Security Investments


Investing in Home Security Services: How Much Should You Spend?


In most cases, the best way to start your calculation is by spending no less than 10 per cent of the value you are trying to protect. It’s called the 10 per cent rule, but it should serve as a guide when considering how much you should invest in your equipment.


What is the 10% Rule?


As mentioned above, the 10 per cent rule serves as a guideline that helps make well-informed decisions when purchasing a security system for your home. For instance, spending £500 protecting £5,000 worth of valuables like electronics, jewelry, and more doesn’t seem like an outrageous price to pay.


You typically get what you pay for when it comes to security systems, so it’s not something worth pinching your pennies over. Home security, in particular, is one of the most difficult situations to judge your ROI.


The Bottom Line: Investing in Improving Your Security is Always Worth the Price



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Unlike commercial security, it’s your responsibility to judge how much you’re willing to pay to protect your wellbeing, including your family and every other valuable in your home. Honing in on burglar-proof windows, mortice locks, CCTV, and more are some of the best investments that can strengthen your security and reduce the likelihood of break-ins.


Looking to boost the reliability and performance of your security system? Whether it’s to secure your home, business, events, and more, our quality emergency locksmith in London can help increase the safety of your space in more ways than one! Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you – from changing your door locks to deadbolt installations, we’ve got it all for you.

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