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The importance of hi security, locks categories

The upvc door is not closing properly

The importance of hi security, locks categories

The importance of hi security locks
Although the most of the locks will look the same, all the locks are divided in three big categories like:

High security locks, medium security locks and basic security locks.

The difference between this locks is that a basic lock could be drilled easily, snapped easily, swiped easily, picked easily or whiteout any effort.
As we rise the standard to medium security locks, things are starting to change.

The locks comes with antibdrilling , anti snapping, anti pick, non swipe.

We recommend this as a minimum requirement for a good security.
The hi security locks are the ome that everyone wants to have on their door as the locks comes from the best manufacturer, strongest metal alloys, definitely non picking, impossible to drill , non swipe because of a sefety pin lock that all the expensive locks have.

The hi security locks have the best rating of all, the way that the lock will be fitted on the door with multiple connections and cornering the door will definitely do the job for the price payd.
So when it comes to security of a house, family or a commercial space you definitely want a hi security lock.
Call a locksmith, will definitely explain you what is the difference and make you choose the best lock for your needs


Upvc door not closing.
What could be worse, coming or leaving home and the upvc plastic composite door doesn’t close or open.
You better call a locksmith because upvc doors are difficult to align by yourself.
First an upvc door wich is exposed to sun and rain will definitely move.

Although the composite doors are a bit better then the upvc plastic doors even expensive composite doors will cause problems in time.
The only way to avoid future problems with upvc door and composite doors is the call a locksmith to align the door properly, adjust the hinges, add oil to mechanism.
Another thing that no one will tell you is that all upvc , composite doors come with a standard lock.

The upvc or composite door will be expensive , but with a basic lock mechanism that’s no good.

You need to ask for any upvc composite door at least a medium security lock and mechanism.

An upvc or composite door with a good mechanism and lock will last lifetime.
Last thing, if the upvc or composite door is old and doesn’t close or open properly, don’t change the door. Change the hinges, because even with a new upvc or composite door you will be experiencing disappointment of the new door.

The truth is that the old doors are better than the new plastic upvc composite doors.
The plastic , upvc has changed, composite new ways of assembly all together comes in cheap attractive upvc composite doors but not the same quality like the old upvc composite doors.
A locksmith will tell you that.
So call the locksmith before you choose to change an upvc composite door.

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