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Common Burglary Types and How to Protect Yourself

Common Burglary Types and How to Protect Yourself

Common Burglary Types and How to Protect Yourself


Burglary is the crime of stealing from a place where you don\’t have the proper permission. Whether you\’re a homeowner or a businessperson, there\’s a chance you could be the victim of this type of crime. We\’ll explore the different types of burglary, which commits them, and some tips to help protect yourself from getting robbed.


Here are the different types of burglaries:


  1. House Burglary


Residential burglary is a type of theft in homes and apartments that are more likely to be targeted by burglars. Thieves commonly use tools such as crowbars, lock picks, screwdrivers, and other prying devices to open locks already weakened on doors and windows.


If your rental property is burglarised, you won\’t be responsible for the stolen items. However, you might have a duty to take measures to make the property more secure and replace any damaged security measures if they can\’t be repaired. Check with your landlord to find out if this is the case.


You can protect your home against burglaries by installing high-security locks, security systems, and other deterrent devices. You can also protect yourself by installing exterior bars or gates. For even more protection, consider purchasing an extended home insurance policy.


  1. Business and Commercial Burglary


This type of theft is typified by the forced entry of a shop, outlet, office, warehouse, or any other kind of property that has a commercial role. Common thieves, hunter burglars, and prowlers all fall into this category of burglars. They use breaches in the security system to enter the premises and steal valuable goods.


Security for businesses and commercial properties involves installing exceptional security measures. A high-performance alarm system, durable locks, and sturdy gates are key. Talk to a professional locksmith to find the best security upgrades to protect essential goods and assets.


  1. UPVC Doors Burglary


The new UPVC doors and windows are better at keeping heat and sound inside, but they\’re not as secure as the old wooden frames. Burglars know this and are experts at breaking into homes and businesses, using this as a weakness.


To prevent someone from snapping your door open with a lock-snapping technique, you can install an anti-snap lock. This type of lock is affordable and can be easily installed by a locksmith.


There are a few ways to break into homes that have UPVC doors. One is to use a blowtorch and heat the lock until it breaks. Another is to use a strong lock that is difficult to break. Both methods require careful planning and dedication to break into your home successfully.


  1. Front Door Burglary


If you\’re a burglary victim, be aware of your surroundings and the people entering and exiting your property. Burglars will often try to enter through the front door by kicking it in or forcing the locks. They may also damage your entrance, and you may have to pay for the damage.


It can be challenging to determine the cost of repairing damage after a burglary of your front door. Sometimes the damage is simply a broken door, while other times, it might involve repairing the frame or adding security measures. This could cost anywhere from £500 to £1500, depending on the extent of the damage.


You can take a few precautions to protect your home against burglary. One is to install bars and gates at the exterior entrance. You can also choose to install high-quality mortice deadlocks, latches, London bars, and high-security locks on your door.




If you have the time to consider your possessions, lock up your home, and take sufficient measures to protect your property, burglary can be prevented. If you have any questions regarding the burglary process, contact a specialised company that can help you secure your property and make you feel safe.


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