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Key Isn\’t Turning

Key Isn't Turning

Key Isn\’t Turning

Why Your Key Isn\’t Turning and How to Fix This Issue

There are various reasons why keys don’t turn when they need to. In addition to knowing the type of lock you are dealing with, it is also important to identify the specific cause of keys not turning so you can conduct the latest remedy to fix this issue.

Read on to know the different causes and the corresponding solution you can take.

Frozen Hardware

It is not uncommon to encounter frozen locks. The ice buildup inside can stop your key from turning completely. In this case, use a liquid deicer to seep ice and moisture from inside the lock so the key will work.

Jammed Lock

When this happens, you can hear a grinding noise whenever you turn the key. This is because the inside of the lock may already be full of dirt and rust. Simply spray lubricant into the keyway while trying to turn the key again. Repeat this process until it works.

However, lubricating is only a temporary fix and can also worsen the situation. We recommend having your key and lock regularly cleaned so they always work seamlessly. Just disassemble your lock, use a rust remover and polish its metal.

Using the Wrong Key

This seems like a silly mistake, but it is still common to face this mishap. Many keys share almost the same profile, making them both insertable into one lock. However, it follows that the wrong key will take more time to succeed in unlocking.

This problem also happens when you duplicate a key too many times. In this case, you can opt to get new keys. The options will probably be limited and you may spend more, but this is a good way to ensure that both lock and key are original and can be opened with more ease.

Worn Out Lock or Broken Key

Many times, the problem is caused simply by the ageing of either the key or lock. If parts of the lock have already worn out, you may need to replace them. A lock replacement can be partial or full; partial replacements involve only specific parts of the lock.

On the other hand, a broken key can also cause it to stop turning. The most common manifestation of this is when the depth and height of the grooves differ from each other. Keys degrade over time because of repeated usage and wear and tear. If this is the case, replace the broken key but make sure to secure the key code from your lock.


These are a few of the many factors that can cause your keys to stop working correctly and turning. Ultimately, you need to regularly maintain and replace your lock and key as it is inevitable that they deteriorate after years or even months of usage.

If you are still not sure about what may be causing your key not to work, it is best to get the help of expert professionals so the issue can be addressed immediately and not made worse. A reliable locksmith will be able to properly diagnose your key or lock problem and fix it with the appropriate remedy.

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