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Key Measures to Boost Your Home Security

Key Measures to Boost Your Home Security

Key Measures to Boost Your Home Security

Home burglaries have become out of control in the UK over the years. Statistics show that it occurs every 106 seconds in the country, while £181 million is stolen from homes in London every year. The Office for National Statistics also puts the average cost of a residential burglary in the UK at £3,030. These facts and figures alone say so much about the importance of having robust home security measures in place.


Home security requires protecting your home against intruders and keeping you and your family safe at all times. This includes installing a system to keep burglars away and take actions to create a less penetrable residence. With no measures in place, you\’ll make your home five times more likely to be burgled.


In this article, we will share four practical safety measures to boost your home’s security:


  1. Install a higher security system


To set your security in the right footing, you must install a highly advanced system and invest in modern devices. It\’s best to have a combination of sensors, cameras, and alarms and put them in various places around your residential property, whether indoor or outdoor. You have different options to choose, such as going for something wired or wireless, smart or not smart, as well as monitored or unmonitored. Furthermore, it\’s best to have restricted entry and exit doors and fit them with robust locks.


  1. Identify the weak spots and address them


As it is often said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this applies to home security as well. For your preventative measures, it\’s wise first to examine your property and its surroundings. While you\’re at it, be sure to determine some weak spots that are prone to burglary cases. The chances are that your windows are easily shattered, or there\’s quick access to your garage. By identifying these weak areas, you\’ll be able to further set measures that make them less vulnerable.


  1. Assess the whole neighbourhood


Even before you\’ve moved into your home, you have most likely factored in the entire neighbourhood. However, at this juncture, it\’s best to get to know the neighbours even more and assess the status in the area. Consider if it\’s a high traffic location or a crowded area filled with different people from all walks of life. You\’ll also be less concerned about this if you live in a subdivision with guards or officers and restricted access. Otherwise, you merely need to set a security system around your property.


  1. Hire a reliable locksmith


What better way to boost your system than to hire locksmith services? First, have them thoroughly inspect your residential property and see how they\’ll further improve it. Most likely, they\’ll replace or rekey your locks, repair your doors and windows, as well as install cameras, sensors, and alarms. Ultimately, hiring a locksmith makes all the difference in enhancing your home security!




At this point, you now know how to set your security measures in place. All it takes is to install an advanced system, identify your property\’s weak spots, assess the whole neighbourhood, and hire a reliable locksmith. With all these, you\’ll be able to take your home security up a notch for the safety and protection of you and your family!


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