Emergency locksmith

Lock change, identify the problem and fix

Lock change identify the problem and fix

Lock change, identify the problem and fix

Locksmith emergency could occur when you will be locked out or just moved to a new property. Having the key to the other side will lead to call a locksmith and it will be a good opportunity for a lock change.

Either the lock needs to be damaged or not especially if the key is on the other side of the Upvc door for example, now it will be the time to change the lock key key one to a key thumb turn , that will assure you will never have one the other side the key.

Our technicians could change the lock immediately as all our emergency technicians carry with them all types of locks.
Choosing the right size will have to be a must as an oversized cylinder can attract burglars and could easily be snapped in 1 sec by anyone also being to small will not be recommended as the position of the cylinder is not stable and it will move leading to a damaged gear box or impossible to remove or insert the key.

In the case of a rim when the lock is faulty we recommend changing the lock as in the case of a fix lock there will always be probable for the issue to come back , leading to a faulty lock , locked out, locked in or impossible to close the door.

Lock change, identify the problem and fix

For the Upvc door , a common issue will be the door is not closing properly, it sticking and so on. We identified this as the main cause of the issues: misaligned doors leads to forcing handles, force mechanism and overturning the key, snapped key.

When this happens it a must to call a locksmith as for sure it will lead to another problems affecting the mechanism, the handles, the lock, the hinges.
Our emergency locksmith technicians are operating 24/7 along side with our call center team across entire London and surroundings.

All our technicians are fully trained and equipped with the vast majority of locks all types and all sizes. All parts supplied and fitted by our locksmiths emergency technician are genuine , not the cheap parts from eBay, and Chinese made, British standards and with features for the cylinders such as anti snapping, anti drilling, anti picking we mention ABS avocet cylinder one of the best high security cylinders out there comes with a card, that will allow only the owner to copy the key.

For the night latches we mention ERA heavy duty, Banham , Ingersoll, ABS rim lock.
Call us now for the best service in London and you will have the security advice for free.

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