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lock won’t open even with the correct input

lock won’t open even with the correct input

lock won’t open even with the correct input

Locksmiths have expert ways to easily decode and unlock different kinds of combination safe locks. This is why you should call them first when you are unable to input the right combination. What then should you expect when they show up?

This article will orient you on the different combination lock situations that you can find yourself in. We will go over the ways you can open a safe successfully by yourself and look into the possible options that locksmiths can provide. That way, you will know what to do the next time you are unable to unlock any of your combination locks.

Your lock won’t open, even with the correct input

Combination locks may secure your belongings, but sometimes they won’t open, even if you input the right combination. This is often due to the condition of the lock itself, as it may have worn out from the inside.

However, there are also cases wherein new combination locks are incorrectly manufactured. This is often with the locking mechanism itself, but it can also be a problem with the hinges or the dial. In such situations, you can call your safe manufacturer and report the issue, as your safe may still be under its warranty.

However, a much quicker option is to call a locksmith. They can think of ways to open the lock, but you may have to look into the possibility of replacing it. They can also drill and unhinge certain parts of the safe to let you reuse the combination lock. It all depends on the quality of the safe and the complexity of the locking mechanism.

Locksmiths can also recommend a number of lock change options to replace your safe. This will allow you to better secure your belongings, yet still have a convenient way of opening it.

You have forgotten the appropriate combination code

You may have forgotten the right combination to decode the lock. This is a common situation, and there are actually ways for you to get around it. The first thing you need to do is try to recall the right combination.

You can also call your safe manufacturer and have them guide you through unlocking the safe yourself. They may also help you reset the combination. You may be tempted to pry the safe door open, but this often doesn’t work and may break what’s inside the safe.

Instead, call a professional locksmith for help. They can drill a hole to quickly see inside the safe, and then use a borescope. This will allow them to input the right combination. It’s a locksmith’s way of decoding the locking mechanism. They can then recommend another kind of combination lock or other viable options.


Locksmiths always have the best options for successfully opening combination safes. Their expertise and experience in the field allow them to help you come up with viable replacements or solutions. Hire a professional locksmith today to help you pick out the best combination safe option for your specific needs.

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