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Major Door Lock Issues

Major Door Lock Issues

Your home will only be safe if the safety measures you have in place work correctly. Your doors, windows, and even vents can be security risks if you cannot lock and close them properly. If these entry points are compromised, your belongings and even your own safety can be at risk.


3 Major Door Lock Issues


When it comes to your home\’s security, you must never take it for granted. Otherwise, the seemingly simple issues with your locks can lead to severe consequences. For this reason, you should determine which signs of damage demand immediate attention.


In this article, we\’ll share three door lock issues you should treat immediately.


  1. Broken Keys in Lock


Contrary to popular belief, it\’s not uncommon to break a key inside its lock. This is because different variables can affect the quality of your lock and key. For example, poor maintenance of your lock can cause debris or rust to force keys to jam when inserted. On the other hand, keys regularly experience wear and tear with every use, making them susceptible to breaking when applied with the wrong force.


Thankfully, breaking a key in your lock isn\’t an impossible thing to solve. However, you will need to contact a professional locksmith to give you a hand. Unlike a misaligned lock, the mechanism itself is inaccessible, so you have to break apart the lock to fix the issue. Unless you have other doors to access your exterior door or interior rooms, it\’s best to solve this security issue immediately.


  1. Misaligned Door Locks


Misaligned door locks occur due to forceful entry of your door or improper lock installation. Although it may seem easy to use brute force to fix, doing so will only damage your doors and locks further. Unfortunately, some people don\’t consider it a problem since it\’s sometimes still possible to use their doors. However, without the proper repairs, misaligned door locks can lead to a broken door in the future.


Unless you receive immediate repairs, you may compromise your locking bolt, which will need more expensive repairs. If it has endured too much damage, you\’ll need to replace your door completely.


  1. Loose Door Components


Door locks have different moving parts, from the exterior components like the knob to interior components like the striking plate. Each part needs to work seamlessly with others for a smooth operation of the lock. Unfortunately, these individual pieces can degrade over time at different rates.


One or several of these components can break, causing your door lock to be unusable or compromised. Besides preventing you from entering your door correctly, you might also be more vulnerable to security breaches. This is why it\’s vital to get your door checked if it starts becoming loose. Don\’t forget to do the same if you hear odd sounds within your door lock\’s mechanism.




Door locks can be compromised due to natural wear and tear or forceful entry. However, that doesn\’t mean you should wait for your security measures to stop working before replacing them. This is why it\’s vital to assess your home\’s different entry points and their usability. If they\’re no longer working at their best, it may be time to hire an expert locksmith to give your home an upgrade.


Getting the right locksmith expert will prevent you from dealing with future home security-related issues, whether they\’re small or large. At Locksmith Emergencies, our expert technicians can deliver a wide range of service, from changing locks to improving security. If you need to work with an emergency locksmith in Paddington, contact us at +4402082137280.



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