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Problems of Smart Locks

Problems of Smart Locks
Problems of Smart Locks


Most of the time, electronic locks, also known as smart locks, are a homeowner\’s best friend. We are no longer concerned about misplacing our keys, being locked out, or having to rush home to let someone in.


But despite all of the benefits that electronic locks can provide, they can still cause many problems.


What if the lock is broken or not working correctly? Many people believe that innovative technology has become their greatest adversary. However, there are simple solutions to most smart lock problems in reality.


The following are the most common intelligent lock problems in your home and how to fix them:

1. Battery is Dead

Electronic locks are dependent on the operative system. Until there is power, the safety will not work. To check whether your battery needs to be charged, try to operate your lock manually.


If it functions without a battery, you need to replace it. You can expect the battery to last for about five years. Moreover, before you return it, make sure to check the warranty of your smart lock.

2. Lock is Stuck

Locks are supposed to be solid, steady and sturdy. But often, intelligent locks are susceptible to movement and weather conditions. If you find yourself unable to open your lock manually, the device might be stuck.


You may need to take the lock apart and lubricate the parts to fix this problem. Before you do so, check the user manual to find out where the lock\’s screws are located.

3. Stops Responding

Smart locks are vulnerable to technological glitches. Most of the time, it\’s hard to predict the combination of circumstances that cause the problem. It is good to avoid pressing your lock\’s buttons multiple times, as this can cause the device to freeze.


Try to remove the battery and put it back in if this happens. However, if you still encounter problems, you need to reset your smart lock. The exact instructions for doing this will be found in your user manual.

4. Low-Quality Materials

Your electronic lock represents the heart of your home\’s security system. Therefore, it is essential that the lock is made out of high-quality materials to last as long as possible.


A lock that is too cheap or made of flimsy plastic is unlikely to withstand the daily pressures of a family or a busy business. Make sure to check the materials before you make an intelligent lock purchase. You may be able to find a more solid lock for the same price.

5. Not Compatible with Your SmartPhone

New smart locks are designed to work with smartphones so that you can control the lock remotely. However, many smart locks do not work well with every phone. When purchasing a new lock, make sure to try it before you pay for it.


An excellent smart lock should be compatible with both Android and iPhone. If you use an unsupported smartphone to operate your lock, you\’ll get the same problems as a traditional lock.


Smart locks are a great convenience for any homeowner. They can eliminate the risk of being locked out and provide a sense of security for your home. What\’s more, they leave your hands free for more important things.


With the help of that information, you will be able to troubleshoot most of your smart lock problems quickly. However, some issues can only be fixed by a professional.


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