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Reasons Why You Need to Change the Door Locks

Reasons Why You Need to Change the Door Locks

Reasons Why You Need to Change the Door Locks


The first line of protection against robbers and burglars is door locks. Because the front door is one of the most popular entrance sites for burglars, use good locks to safeguard your doors. So, how do you know when it\’s time to replace your locks?


Consider replacing the locks on your doors following the events listed below:


  1. Moving Into a New Home


It\’s a good idea to change the locks when you move into a new home, even if it\’s brand new. You never know who entered the house before you and whether they created a spare key.


Moving house may be an exciting or melancholy period in your life, depending on whether you loved your previous residence. You may have jumped at the chance to become a homeowner, and you couldn\’t wait to settle into your new digs.


When you rent a house or apartment, make sure you change the locks as soon as the previous occupants move out. This will ensure that you\’re the only one with a key.


  1. Someone Moves Out


If a roommate or family member is moving out, it might not necessarily be an issue to change their key and give it to you. But, if the person is moving to another city, it\’s a good idea to make sure you have a separate set of keys for yourself. If the previous tenant is moving out, it\’s a good idea to change the locks.


  1. Reaching a New Lease


If you are renting an apartment or house, your landlord may require you to change the locks on your place when you sign a lease. It\’s a good idea to change the locks after the first lease period or after you\’ve lived in your place for at least a year.


Your landlord may ask you to change the locks after you\’ve lived in your place for a certain period to limit the chances of someone being able to make a duplicate key. You\’ll have to pay for this change, but it\’s a small price to pay for ensuring that your home is safe and secure.


  1. After a Break-In


If a house has been burglarised or someone has broken into the home, it\’s essential to change the locks immediately. If the burglar can still use their old key, they may come back and try to break into the home again. Make sure you contact the police department immediately if your house has been broken into and get them to file a report.


  1. If It\’s Been Awhile


Finally, it\’s a good idea to change the locks on your home every few years. If you\’ve lived in your home for a long time and you still use the same key to get in and out, it may be wise to change the locks.




Expert locksmiths can change the locks in no time and ensure that your home is secure. If a lock is old and has been in place for a long time, it may be a good idea to install a new one or replace the deadbolt. A locksmith can handle this quickly and at a price that won\’t break the bank.


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