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Removing A Locked Doorknob Externally

Removing A Locked Doorknob Externally

Removing A Locked Doorknob Externally

At one time or another, almost everyone may have experienced misplacing or losing their keys. You frantically dig through your pockets and bags and end up disappointed. Now, the question is, how do you unlock your door from the outside?


Instead of feeling defeated as you’re on the outside looking in, relax and refocus so you can get yourself out of that situation. Unlocking a doorknob is a simple DIY project that you can easily do with the right tools and knowledge.


Here are steps you need to do to fix a locked doorknob from the outside:


1.     Look for an Access


Unlocked windows and doors invite intruders, but they may also get you out of a jam when you\’re trapped out. If you can’t get in, it doesn\’t hurt to check all of your home\’s entrances.


Remove the screen, raise the window, and shimmy through when entering through an opening. Be cautious since you\’ll be off-balance when you land, and keep an eye out for objects below, such as chairs, end tables, and TVs.


  1. Improvise Tools


Movies make lockpicking appear simple, but it is far more complex in real life. You can use bobby pins and paper clips as do-it-yourself locksmithing equipment. It works best if you have two bobby pins or two paper clips, but cut it in half to make two tools if you only have one.


  • Form an “L” out of one of the metal pieces. Use this tool to tighten the lock.
  • Straighten the other piece and bend a “W” into the wire. Unlatch the lock pins with this component.
  • Maintain tension in the lock by holding the L-shaped piece.
  • Find pins within the lock with the W-shaped part.
  • To unlock the door, raise the pins with the W-shaped section.


A hard plastic card will work in the case of a conventional spring bolt.


  • Use a card you don\’t mind losing. It\’s better to lose a gift card than your credit card.
  • Insert the card at the latch between the door and the frame.
  • Push and wriggle the card parallel to the door.
  • As you push, bend the card away from the doorknob to move the latch away from the doorjamb. While turning the card, lean against the closed door.
  • Insert the card between the doorframe and the latch. You may push back into your residence with the card between the lock and the doorframe.


3.     Remove the Doorknob


To unlock interior doors with low-security door knobs, remove the doorknob and then disassemble the lock. In this case, take out the mounting screws before removing the knob and lock. Assuming the mounting screws are visible, you can remove the doorknob with these steps:


  • Examine the doorknob\’s shank. The mounting screws are hidden in a small slot or hole in the shaft.
  • Put a tool in the hole. Perhaps a flat-tipped tiny screwdriver, a nailset, or a straightened paper clip.
  • Grasp it. You should sense resistance, like pressing a spring. With one hand, push the spring as far as you can while pushing the doorknob off with the other.
  • If the doorknob resists, twist the tool. If it still doesn’t turn, rotate the doorknob while depressing and twisting the tool.
  • To access the lockset mounting screws, pull off the ornamental circular plate with a thin flat screwdriver.
  • Drill the longer mounting screws out. The doorknob splits within, and you may remove both sides.




When DIY fails, seek help. Call a relative with a spare key or your landlord for assistance. It may be inconvenient for them, but it will save you time. If you reside in an apartment building, ask the management for entry to your unit. Have identification and confirmation that you live in the complex.


Finally, you may contact a locksmith. The cost of hiring a professional locksmith may be more, but it is guaranteed. In an emergency, a home locksmith is preferable. They are frequently on call 24/7 to assist with home or car lock-outs, whether you\’ve lost your keys or the key won\’t turn.


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