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Lock change. Smart locks are reliable ?

Lock change. Smart locks are reliable ?

Lock change. Smart locks are reliable ?

Every day we receive more and more phone calls from customers that are asking for lock change with a smart lock.

It might seem a bit difficult to use but is so simple, and you even you don t need a key anymore.

Just tap your finger and you are in. Or if you have a smartphone you could also unlock with a simple tap, or if just want to let someone in.

From our point of view this is the feature and the old traditional key will be left behind in the following time.
Ideally will be to ask for a locksmith opinion when buying one as they come in many types and after fitting so many we know what it will be the suitable one for your type of door and the security required.

The majority of locks will come with descriptions like could be fitted on any door . But the truth is not all of them are suitable for front doors, bedroom doors or office doors.
In the picture is the ZKT Al 20 suitable for bedroom and office door .

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The customer requested the lock change as the previous one was cylinder based and he keep losing the key . After a phone call to our 24/7 emergency call center we advise choosing from a wide range of locks, the smart locks. In this case the lock is key operated, fingerprint operated, code operated, app operated.

It could hold up to 100 users. The bedroom has been transformed into an office and only allowed people could go inside.

Lock change. Smart locks are reliable ?

Additionally a camera was installed in and out so once who ever wants to enter, the visual will be instant, camera available live on mobile and desktop; once they left the office door will be closed from the app even the owner is not there. This solution worked brilliantly with the customer needs as no keys required, the noise was significantly reduced as I mention it s house and the silence is a must.
Not all the locks will work great as we fitted many types but not all of them work so great.

Be aware of the Chinese cheap locks, as when you change lock you should always consider to call a locksmith, all our technicians carry with them only genuine quality locks also the special demands will not be a problem with us.

Feel free to contact us 24/7 and you will have a proper, discreet service with invoice provided at the end, british standard for insurance purpose available with all locks.

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