Emergency locksmith

The night latch is jamming

The night latch is jamming

The night latch is jamming

Night latch
It is a common issue that the night latch is jamming , doesn’t slide properly and so on.
It is mandatory for a good quality night latch to have at least a medium security rim lock.

A door with a heavy duty night latch but with basic rim lock is no good , meaning the security of the door is being reduced low as basic security .

The vulnerability of the door is obvious.

We recommend the medium security lock as a minimum of security and we provide for every locksmith brands Like Yale, Ingersoll, era heavy duty, Avocet ABS and so on.

Our locksmith keep this type on stock ad they could be at your door in 15-20min. At locksmith emergencies you will receive a professional installation with a six months warranty, BS approved for insurance purposes.
We recommend installation of a door bell camera, with a sensor light at the top and why not a recording camera inside and outside.

Of course a high security burglary alarm is highly recommended to anyone.

Feel free to call or send a message for a quotation .
Coming back to night latches , if you have have an old one please consider to replace in the near future . These days night latches comes with anti drill rims, anti swipe , anti pick , anti snap; less likely to jam or not sliding properly .
If there is any stiffness on the key or doesn’t slide as it should we strongly suggest you to call us as soon as possible.

You might be ending un locked out, or not able to open the door from inside ending up paying more. Nothing is worse than a night latch blocked.

That means for the locksmith hard work, damaging the door lock, some cases the frame.
So call us now for the safety of you Family.

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