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Types of Front Doors

Types of Front Doors

Types of Front Doors – What Is the Most Secure among Them

There are many different types of front doors on the market. Which one is the most secure? How do you identify which door to install at home?


In this blog post, we\’ll explore the different types of front doors and discuss which one is the most secure. We\’ll also give tricks on choosing the right lock for them. Keep reading to find out which door is right for you!


  1. Wooden Doors


Wood doors, for example, are classic and elegant but require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. They\’re also more costly than most other types of doors. But one of the most significant advantages of wood doors is that they can be quickly reinforced with locks to improve security.


Wooden doors are a popular choice for many properties, and a five-lever mortice deadlock is a good option for added security. This type of lock meets the BS3621 standard, which has been tested to withstand brute force attacks.


In addition, the deadbolt cannot be opened from the outside without the key, providing an extra layer of protection. When selecting a door lock, you must consider the level of security you need. For high-security applications, a five-lever mortice deadlock is a good choice.


  1. uPVC Doors


One popular choice is uPVC, which is often praised for its affordability and low maintenance. However, uPVC doors have one major downside – they cannot be fitted with locks. This can be a severe security risk, particularly for households with young children.


Cylinder locks are a type of door lock that uses a cylinder to open and close the door. This makes them more secure than other door locks, which can be picked or forced open more easily.


Cylinder locks are also less likely to jam than different types of locks, making them a good choice for homes with high traffic. UPVC doors with cylinder locks are an excellent choice for security and style.


  1. Composite Doors


Composite doors are made from recycled materials, so they are a more environmentally friendly choice. They also don\’t react to changes in temperature like wood doors, so they won\’t warp or crack in extreme weather conditions.


Composite doors are a good option because they come with a multipoint locking system that provides extra security. In addition, the locks on composite doors are designed to be resistant to snapping, making them even more difficult for burglars to defeat. However, composite doors can be more pricey than other options and may not be as strong as some types of wood doors.


  1. Glass Doors


Glass doors offer a variety of benefits, including increased natural light and improved security. However, it\’s important to note that not all glass doors are created equal. Tempered glass is specially treated to resist breakage, making it an ideal choice for a front door.


A double cylinder lock is one type of lock that is often used on glass doors. This type of lock demands a key to open it from the inside and the outside. This yields an extra level of security, as an intruder would need to pick the lock and have a key. Double cylinder locks are just one way to help secure a glass door.




You can always make your home safe with any type of door. Just make sure to include or change the lock to your doors. A peephole can help you see who is outside without opening the door, and a door chain can provide an extra level of security.


You can also install a door alarm, which will sound if someone tries to force their way into your home. By taking these basic steps, you can keep your home more secure and peace of mind.


If you’re searching for an additional layer of security, consider adding a security system, planning a new lock replacement, or hiring an emergency locksmith to beef up your home protection. Contact Locksmith Emergencies for a 24/7 locksmith service in London.

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