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Can You Rekey a Lock After Losing the Original Key

Can You Rekey a Lock After Losing the Original Key

Can You Rekey a Lock After Losing the Original Key?


Can you still get a lock rekeyed without the original key? By taking a look at the original key or comparing it to the lock, it is possible to rekey just about anything. At the same time, you may not necessarily have the original key. Therefore, you may think it is impossible to rekey a lock. Fortunately, this is not always the case. There is a way for you to rekey a lock without having the original key.


When Should You Rekey a Lock?


  • When your only concern is how many people have copies of the key. Such as when you move into a new home or rental; your keys are lost or stolen, or you want to prevent unauthorised access.
  • When you want to save money and want to retain your locks\’ security. Key pins are very cheap; you will typically only need to pay for labour to rekey a lock.
  • When you want to match one key to several locks. That is, you want the convenience of being able to open all the bolts with a single key.
  • When you are in a hurry to regain control of the security of your home or office.


Can you Rekey a Lock without the Original Key?


A current matching key is required by the locksmith to rekey a lock. The only method to rekey the lock without the matching key is to pick it open. Although typically not a problem for an experienced locksmith, it may frequently incur additional charges that can make it more expensive than replacing the lock entirely.


How is a Lock Rekeyed?


Rekeying a lock implies changing the lock\’s functioning key to a different key without replacing the lock itself. In other words, you maintain the same lock, but the old key no longer works. This is accomplished by disassembling the lock and changing some of the internal components (known as \”tumblers\” or \”key pins\”). Because each series of key pins in your lock corresponds to a particular key pin, replacing those pins with different ones basically sets a new key that will now operate the lock. Despite how hard this may appear, it is essentially a simple technique that should only take a few minutes if you have the necessary instruments.


Rekeying a lock has no effect on its security or makes it more secure. The number of pins within a lock is one aspect that contributes to its security. The lock will remain as secure as long as the locksmith replaces the old 5 pins with 5 new ones. If you want to improve the security of your locks, replacing them with newer, higher-security models is the way to go.


Because key pins in locks are so inexpensive, rekeying is nearly always less expensive than having your locks redone. When you rekey your locks, you are just charged for labour; however, when you have your locks changed, you are charged for both labour and components.


Keep in mind that all locks can be rekeyed built-in, so you don\’t have to question whether your locks are rekeyable or not. However, the procedure for rekeying different locks is not always the same and frequently necessitates the use of different equipment.




Rekeying a lock can be of great benefit to you if you are interested in saving money and you have an original key. If not, it is probably best to replace the lock entirely. Whichever method you choose, be sure that you have the best locksmith in the field. Contact us today to obtain an estimate on rekeying your locks.


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