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Smart Lock System

Smart Lock System

10 Important Benefits of Installing a Smart Lock System


Let\’s be honest. Everyday life is hectic. Juggling children\’s homework, parents\’ duties, and various appointments leaves little time to seek out missing keys. If you\’ve ever had to phone your partner at work to bring home a spare key, you\’ve probably considered installing smart locks on your home.


Smart locks provide several advantages to both residential and business owners. Continue reading to learn the top ten benefits of upgrading your home security system.


  1. Increase Accessibility Without Compromising Security


House keys are often lost. Consider smart locks with keypads to avoid losing keys or changing locks when renters move out. With some smart lock models, you may use Bluetooth technology to open the door with your smartphone. You may also give your children their own passcodes to track their entry and exit.


  1. Smart Locks Are Accessible Via Smartphones


Smart locks are remotely accessible via smartphones. You can monitor who\’s coming in and out of your home, adjust lighting and control the temperature with just a few taps on your phone. Smart locks are typically equipped with door sensors that send notifications to your smartphone if they detect movement while you\’re away.


  1. Various Designs to Choose From


You have a broad choice of options to pick from, whether you want a simple design like a smart doorknob or a futuristic one like keyless entry smart locks. Select a model that resembles a classic lock or something different that appeals to your particular preferences.


  1. Forget about the Hideaway Key.


Do you still keep the spare key in the flowerpot on your front porch? You know, the place where everyone looks first? With keyless smart locks, you can ditch the concealed key and enter the twenty-first century.


When your son forgets his key and cannot enter the house because you are out doing errands, simply text him a passcode and go about your business.


  1. Smart Locks are Adaptable.


Some smart locks may be added as an extra layer of security to current deadbolt systems. You may even totally replace your system, enabling the smart lock to operate as the only deadbolt.


Some variations have a classic keyhole in case you require one. With so many possibilities, it\’s simple to choose the ideal smart lock for your home or workplace.


  1. Smart Locks are Easy to Install


Your locksmith or handyman can install a smart lock without too much inconvenience. In most cases, the lock system is installed with the existing deadbolt.


If you want to make the home even more secure, there are models of smart locks that cannot be removed and replaced with a standard deadbolt.


  1. Affordable


The average cost of a smart lock is about €200, which is pretty affordable. The cost is spread out over time if you have several locks to worry about. Prices vary because there are many options for smart lock brands and the different features they offer.


  1. Get the Most out of a Smart Home


Smart locks can be integrated with smart home technology such as automated thermostats, doorbell cameras and lighting systems. For example, you can program the thermostat to heat up the house an hour before getting home for a more comfortable welcome.


  1. Real Estate Benefits


If you are selling your home and want to impress potential buyers, a new smart lock system is an easy way to add value.


  1. Smart Locks Are Here to Stay


Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular, especially as more people become comfortable with home automation. As it becomes easier to use, you can expect a variety of models in the near future.




It\’s no longer a novelty to own smart locks, and the growing popularity of smart devices suggests this will continue. As more people recognise the benefits, smart locks will become more commonplace.


If you want to keep up with the latest in home security, it\’s well worth your while to get smart locks installed.


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