Emergency locksmith

Emergency locksmith in London using non damage technique

Emergency locksmith in London using non damage technique

Emergency locksmith in London using non damage technique

In this article i will explain the non damaging ways to open the lock used by our emergency locksmith in London .
You might be locked out or locked in you should know that not all the situation are the same and not all the techniques could be used in your situation.

Our emergency locksmith technicians are trained to open any door depending on the circumstances of every each door.

The technician will try the following and maybe the lock will not have to be changed.

Picking the lock with a bobby pin
It might sound like James Bond actions but what you have to do is grab bobby pin, adjust it at the end, it might be require some plier or similar, another one to keep the tension way that lock turns to open.

Now it s the delicate part, every pin must be inserted in the shell so the the barrel will turn.

This technique used by the experienced locksmith requires attention, practice but on top of all skill.

Trying to pick a lock might seem impossible and it might be for the 6 pin high security locks as the pins comes in many shape and forms , safety pins are being called , making the lock anti picking.

The 5 pins ones are the common of many old locks but even so , it s not so easy as the safety pin has been entered like a safety feature from long time before the High security 6 pin locks.

Make sure the tool doesn’t break inside as it will be very difficult to extract the piece out and it will lead to a technician breaking the lock.

Swiping lock
On this technique skill is also a requirement as using a bank card in the majority of situations will not work, as all the locks will have left less then 1 mm not the plastic ti swipe.

But the most important thing is that the lock must not be anti swiping feature as using this technique in this case will be with zero result.

The plastic is one of a kind and I could be bought only by the authorised locksmiths.

In the past years this feature has become less and less used as the majority of the locks comes with anti swiping feature.

For the best result fast and affordable our emergency locksmiths in London serves 24/7, being able to open, fix, or change the lock on emergency basis , less then 30 upon call.

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