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I need a Spare Key

i need a spare key

I need a Spare Key

5 Practical Reasons You Must Have a Spare Key

When it comes to security, of course, the key is the most important item. As your door needs to be locked when you\’re away, you need one to gain access to your home! But nothing can be more frustrating than losing it, getting it snapped, or having your door locked out.

The worst thing that can happen is if you’re locked out of your home, and you don\’t have a spare key at all! When confronted with this situation, you have no choice but to crash your door or call a locksmith to get it unlocked.

If you\’re wondering why there\’s a need to have a spare key, here are five practical reasons you must do so.


1. For accidental lockouts

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Whether you like it or not, lockouts can strike anytime. You hear stories of drivers getting locked out of their cars or parents accidentally locking the door and leaving their toddler inside. In some rare cases, you catch yourself losing your key and wait for hours to get your house door opened by a locksmith. If you only had a spare key, you won\’t be wasting too much time, money, and effort in getting your door unlocked!

2. For broken key alternatives

Losing your key is one thing; getting it broken is another.

The chances are that you\’re trying to open your door when your key suddenly gets damaged or just snaps. As you must know, your key isn\’t invincible at all—particularly when you don\’t take good care of it. The time will inevitably come when it will no longer serve its purpose! When this day comes, having a spare key will make all the difference by saving your day.

3. For quick key replacements

What\’s great about having a spare key is that it is indeed a quick replacement! If you lose your actual key or it suddenly starts acting up, all you have to do is look for the spare one.

From there, use it, and the door will be opened right before your very eyes! Imagine having no duplicate and having to call and wait for an emergency locksmith. If not, you may try to sneak in via the window which can be quite a hassle—or worse; you will need to completely trash your door just to get in!

4. For cost-saving practicality

Aside from the time that you\’ll save from having a spare key, you can also save money. When you initially get and pay for your key, you\’ll be provided with a spare one. If you need an additional one, getting a duplicate is pretty cheap!

However, think about how much you\’ll have to shell out in getting a locksmith to unlock your door or getting it repaired after you\’ve ruined it. Ultimately, having a spare key will help you save money on the potential damages you can create just trying to get a locked door opened.

5. For multiple-user homes

It\’s logical enough to have spare keys if there are multiple occupants inside your home. As they all need to gain access to your home, you need to provide them with a duplicate! You don\’t want them to keep bothering you just because you\’re the only one who has it.


At this point, you now know why it pays to have a spare key. When confronted with a locked door and a failing or lost key, the best course of action is to get in touch with a highly reliable locksmith. But ultimately, it\’s best to have a spare key all the time just to save yourself the trouble!

We have a team of emergency locksmiths in London, providing 24/7 door unlocking services, lock repair or replacement, and door repairs and installation. If you are facing a locksmith emergency and are in need of spare keys for you and your family, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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