Emergency locksmith

Locksmith Services During COVID-19

Locksmith Services During COVID-19

Locksmith Services During COVID-19

Despite not being a member of the health sector, locksmiths are considered essential workers. After all, they take care of you and your property’s safety and security at all times. This is no different at Locksmiths Emergencies, as we continue to provide timely services to any client in need, even amid COVID-19. If you have questions about our services at this time, this article will answer them for you.

When can I hire an emergency locksmith?

You hire an emergency locksmith for two main reasons:

  1. You lock yourself out

It is easy to lock one’s self out of their house or car. You can walk out your door only to realise that you do not have your keys with you. You can run quickly to do an errand only to realise that you have left your car keys inside upon returning to your vehicle. These are circumstances that you did not mean to happen but still do―making them emergencies.

Sometimes, things also go out of control. You may have your keys with you, but you later realise that your locks got damaged. Like other parts of the house, door locks are also prone to wear and tear. After some time, they will wear out and fail to work correctly. If someone else is trying to break into the property, they can damage your locks, too.

During these unfortunate situations, a locksmith will be there to help you solve your problem.

  1. You lost your keys

There are also some instances where you might forget where you place your keys, or someone else might have taken them from you. Like your door, your keys can also eventually get damaged. A locksmith can open a locked door, drawer, or cabinet for you. They can also install a new lock or give you new sets of keys to use.

How do you comply with COVID-19 health measures?

All our staff follow the mandatory health guidelines set by the World Health Organization. They wear masks and gloves as part of the precautionary measures and ensure social distancing when performing a service. They also sanitise their hands and all the equipment and tools they use before and after each service to ensure that they are safe and free from viruses and other forms of infection.

What if I need to isolate but need locksmith services?

If you or a family member needs to self-isolate, please inform our team before requesting a service. We can devise a plan to speed up the work and guarantee you do not interact with any of our staff. We can also work around your schedule and move your appointment to a more plausible time.

Our team does their best to ensure your safety. That means that our locksmiths will resolve your problem and limit any physical contact to what is necessary.


Our locksmiths are vital workers. They do their best to help you with your needs any time you require it. If you lock yourself or lose your keys, call a professional locksmith immediately. We can unlock the door for you, replace your locks, and give you new keys to use.

If you need an emergency locksmith in Paddington or a lock replacement service in London, call us at Locksmith Services. We have lock repair and replacement services 24/7, and we will do our best to reach you within 15 minutes. Call us today at 02032825369.

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