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Keep Your Home Safe While on Holiday

Keep Your Home Safe While on Holiday

Keep Your Home Safe While on Holiday

7 Security Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe While on Holiday


When you are about to go on holiday, you will probably have to think about packing, changing money, getting travel insurance, booking a parking space at the airport, and making sure that you have packed your passport.


These are all important, but it is also essential to take some security precautions while away. We have put together a list of some of the most critical security measures to take when you are on holiday, and we hope you will find them helpful.


1) Take Holiday Lighting Down and Store It Safely to Avoid It Being Stolen


This is especially important if you have lights that you have hung outside the house. Thieves can easily steal these lights, especially those with light bulbs built into the wire. Take them down and store them somewhere safe at least a week before you leave.


2) Fit a Security Bar to the Doors and Windows


While you might think that you need to leave doors and windows open to cool the house, this is a bad idea if you leave the house empty for a long time. A security bar will cost you under £50 to install, and it can deter criminals from breaking into your home.


3) Consider Installing a Burglar Alarm


While a security bar on your front door or all your windows might not be enough to deter burglars from breaking in, a burglar alarm will. There are many different types of alarms available nowadays, so consider getting one that is unlikely to be triggered by leaks or small animals.


4) Check the Locks on Your Windows and Doors


Many burglars will simply undo the window locks and walk straight into the house. Ensure that all locks visible from outside the home are secure, and don’t forget to check that all doors are locked at night.


5) Don’t Advertise Your Holiday on Social Media


You might want to share your excitement on social media over your holiday, but don’t share details that criminals might use to get into your house. For example, posting your holiday on Facebook will give them your address. Moreover, if a criminal can work out roughly when you leave, they will be more likely to break in while you are away.


6) Use a Combination Lock to Secure Items in the Car


If you leave anything valuable in the car when away, the best security measure is to use a combination lock to secure the vehicle. These types of locks are relatively easy to use, and you should be able to find them on Amazon for between £15 and £20. This is especially important if you leave your car in a car park or rent a space at the airport.


7) Don’t Leave Bills Under Your Mat


Similarly, don’t leave any bills or letters under the mat of the door in your home. Instead, please put them in a mailbox or somewhere that burglars are less likely to think to look for them.



Keep Your Home Safe While on Holiday


While nothing can completely stop a criminal from breaking into your house, these tips should help you keep your home safe when you are out of the house for a long time. We hope that you find these tips useful.


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