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Spotting Tampered Locks

Spotting Tampered Locks

Spotting Tampered Locks – Did a Burglar Attempt a Break-In ?

Nothing is more alarming and worrisome than realising that there may have been someone who\’s attempted a break-in in your home or business property. For this reason, it\’s imperative to take extra steps to ensure that your security is on the dot.


In these cases, you\’ll often spot these break-in attempts by looking at your lock and if it has been tampered with. Fortunately, first attempt break-ins are often unsuccessful, but it won\’t be good news for you the next time they attempt to break in.


That\’s why it\’s best to get a lock change as soon as you spot signs of an attempted burglary. But how do you spot an attempted break-in in the first place? If you caught yourself asking that question, read on. In this article, we\’ll share with you the different signs of unauthorised entry.


Sign #1: Brute Force


Perhaps the messiest and hastiest form of attempted break-in is brute force. This happens when a criminal bash in a lock, drills through a deadbolt or kicks the door to try to pry it open. During these cases, criminals will often leave a broken or splintered wood or twisted metal trail.


Other signs of brute force also include finding paint circles in the locking fixture, bent latches and deadbolts, and warped door frames.


Sign #2: Bumping


Locksmiths had a secret trick to open locks quickly, and that\’s called bumping. And unfortunately, this trick was shared with the media and revealed its process, making burglars worldwide pick up the technique.


When a burglar attempts the \”bumping\” technique, they\’ll have to file down the teeth of a key in crucial points. After that, they insert the bump key into a compatible keyhole and withdraw it. After which, they strike it with a blunt object and withdraw it again, doing so until all the tumblers have been caught. This whole process will then open the door.


You\’ll know if your door has been \”bumped\” if you find fresh knicks in the keyhole from all the pounding or if there are shiny metal edges.


Sign #3: Picking


Another traditional lock tampering method is called picking. With this technique, burglars use small tools like a flat screwdriver to turn and pick the pin tumblers in the lock. Just like bumping, once you catch the tumblers, you can easily unlock the door.


Signs that show you might have a picking issue is finding warped pins and bolts. Of course, once you see this, it\’s best to have your lock changed immediately to ensure your safety and so the burglar doesn\’t go for another attempt.


The Bottom Line: Hire a Reliable Locksmith to Keep Your Property Secured


These are only a few common signs to watch out for to know if someone has been tampering with your lock. And if you spot these alarming signs, it\’s always a good idea to get a lock changed right away to ensure your security. Of course, it\’s best to have a professional locksmith work on this to ensure that your door locks are as secure as ever.


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