Emergency locksmith

Lock change in London for residential and commercial

Lock change in London for residential and commercial

Lock change in London for residential and commercial

You don\’t have to loose the key necessary to change the lock; your property could have really old locks and especially for the rented ones we recommend to change the lock in the first day the latest as you moved in.

Who knows who has the key and it might visit you when you are not in the house or worst, when you are at home.

Many burglary attempts are being made with a key, deliberately with the intention of stealing. Adding another layer of security will always be welcomed .
With our specialised team in services such as lock change the London and surroundings area are being covered in 20-30 min .

Service is available on emergency basis and on the appointment.

With all type of locks available on spot our technicians will ensure you that the best option for your needs has been satisfied and customer satisfaction is a must.
For residential premises we hold a reputable brands such as Banham , Abs, Yale, Mul T Lock, Detainer, Era and so on.

Fixing or freshly installed one are our specialty. Night latches are a must we highly suggest the heavy duty double locking one as over the years the quality has been improved on every brand.
For the Upvc doors we recommend when changing a lock , locks with features such as anti snapping, anti drilling, anti picking and anti bumping.
Yale 3 star British standard and Abs British standard stands out and they are not the only ones with this features.

Lock change in London for residential and commercial / Emergency locsmith in London

We have it all , all you have to do when you need to change the lock is to call us and make an enquiry over the dedicated dispatch, contact form, over the chat, whatsapp .
For commercial buildings the service is available the same, so any lock change will be having the same way.

Shutter switch is the most common asked service when it comes for a lock change commercial buildings , shops and so on. Please enquire when you just moved into a new building for your peace of mind and for the safety of your goods.
Call us now and the best service will be at your door !

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