Emergency locksmith

Lock change in London SW area

Lock change

Lock change in London SW area

It might been at least once in this lifetime you ended locked out.

In this case you should call a locksmith. Here at locksmith emergencies , serving London for over 12 years with reputable Locksmiths accredited and insured. Well trained and with a vast experience in the trade situations such as locked out, lock change, door repair, improve security, burglary repair, upvc door and windows repair.

For SW area any lock change will be made within 20 from the moment we received the call. Our team holds the record for new inserts for our company especially with brand like Banham.

Lock change will be made on spot regardless of the type of lock as any locksmith technician carry with them all types of lock.
Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham are iconic areas in London and over the years we have proudly covered with success any locksmith related job.

Lock change in London SW area

For the wooden doors we recommend a high security night latch such as Banham for any night latch lock change among with the deadbolt Banham Lock that usually we install together.

We also stock other brands such as Era, Yale, Ingersoll, Asec for the night latches and also for the dead bolt locks.
A lock change will also be welcomed when we are talking about a new house or new property is being rented.

Save time and unnecessary unpleasant situation and call us now!

For the communal doors ideally should be installed CISA type locks for any other locks the security is reaching basic level and any intercom with magnet lock will not reach the same level such as CISA type.
Commercial buildings is also something that we do and you should always change the front and back door lock and for the case of the shutters, the shutter switch key as many of the commercial properties are positioned on the street side with a direct exposure day and night.
We have experienced so many burglaries non damage – this means that who ever entered had the key and entered the property like on their own taking goods with no rush through the back garden side or flat buildings.

Avoid this situation , it will not cost a fortune a lock change and definitely will save lots more than anyone expects.
South west of London has so many burglary attempts but not so many successful because of the level of security reached by every single property.

We also deal with burglary attempts of any kind being able to change the lock and repair the door on spot in 20 min upon call.
Call us now and you will have the best service in London.

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