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Lock change Upvc door

Locksmith emergencies offers a wide range of services from the locked out situation , lock change, fixing faulty mechanisms even for the discontinued ones, jammed key, broken key , opening cars with keys inside, burglary repair, adjust the door fixings, freshly install locks of any kind, smart lock install and so on.

When it comes to Upvc doors one of the most common fault is the mechanism gear box faulty. Here at locksmith emergencies we fix, replace or build any gear box for any door , any lock change it is possible with zero delay as all our locksmith always carry with them all types of locks.


Anti picking, anti drilling, anti snapping are the best one to have and we supply all types and all sizes.
Upvc door and composite doors remains one of the best ones when in comes to security.

The multi point mechanism ensures the door safe and reliable, feature that makes this door impossible to open, the only way to access the door is from the lock. The lock has an importance that could not be neglected with a basic security lock.

This types of locks could be snapped , drilled or picked, missing this features any burglar is just one step away from entering your property. Our specialised technicians are ready for security advice free of charge and they will inform you how safe is the lock.

We recommend lock change service to all the customers that have installed on the moment the basic security locks as they are not safe and too easy to break in.

As an advice we recommend also to call us when you notice that the lock is not turning or the key couldn’t be remove from the lock, or worse the key is broken inside.

In the majority of cases it will be the case of a lock change and in more than half it will also be the mechanism faulty that should be changed asap .

Having a upvc door jammed is one of the difficult tasks for any locksmith as most of the mechanism locks are not easy to open once they are jammed.
We offer a wide range of cylinders from the basic one , not recommended to the high security cylinders that are the most suitable cylinders in the case of a lock change.

Handle is always a must once the door has Benn fixed with a lock change and a new or fixed mechanism as a handle could cause future problems so easy and not even noticeable.

Call us now for the best lock change service available on emergency basis with our team of locksmiths serving London and surroundings.

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  2. Hello I’m Working Security I lost the key I’m working in the shop but I need to go inside the shop but I lost the key I’m covering nightshift

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