Emergency locksmith

Locksmith emergency in London or what to do in case of locked out

Locksmith emergency in London or what to do in case of locked out
Locksmith emergency in London or what to do in case of locked out

Locksmith emergency in London

Being locked out will never be a nice thing.

Slam the door after you and the keys are inside ? Opening only with the key will always be a problem.

That s why we advise all customers to keep a copy with a trusted neighbour, a relative with lives near by or if you have a garden, simply hide a key into a plastic bag as deep as 3 inches into the ground in a place only you know about it.
This technique has never failed to work and will always save you from a lot of trouble and spending lot s of money.
If none of the above doesn’t happened it s time to call a locksmith.

Our emergency locksmith dedicated dispatch is ready to answer any call 24/7 and the technicians can reach your location residential or commercial in less then 30 min upon call.

The locksmith will first try to open non damage way, we have a wide variety of techniques depending on the the of door fast and reliable at your service.

If any of the technique doesn’t work non damage specking the is the damage technique able to open any door.

Locksmith emergency in London or what to do in case of locked out


Until this moment we proud ourselves with 100 % successful rate in opening doors , doesn’t matter the type of security we will open any door.
All technicians carry with them any type of locks and it will be fitted on spot, from the basic security locks to the highest end of the high security locks.
Security advice is a service free of charge it will be free of charge.

Adding another lock will increase the security of your door keeping away the burglars.

Changing a lock with a high security lock will also decrease insignificantly the chances to having into your property unwanted guests.
Installing a safe to keep the valuable things will save lots of money and emotional distress.
Coming back to locked out scenario, there are also situation when the door handle is broken or the lock mechanism has failed to respond.

We have experienced a few situation and we will like to advice you on what to do in a similar situation.

A customer has entered into the bedroom and closed the door.

When he tried to open the inside gear box of the door didn’t respond, the handle was moving, the door didn’t open.

She called us and we rushed there, as she was crying and was scared because it never happened before.

We had to open the main front door, and after that we open that door with our special tools.

At the end the question was what it might happened if the lady didn’t had the phone in her pocket.

God forbidding.
And there was another case when the husband called around 5pm when he reached home saying the wife was locked in into the bathroom.

He left work 6:30 am , the wife went to bathroom after he left, closed the door and when she tried to open the door, this failed to respond.

It was a new door with hinges high quality and a massive frame impossible to take down. He lady tried to take the door down but no luck.

She screamed and screamed hopes that a neighbour will hear but being a house next to a rail track and no one around, she didn’t had any luck.

She waited in the bathroom with no food ,just water until 5 pm when the husband came home.

He also wasn’t able to take the door down so he called a locksmith.

The door was open with damage of the gear box .

From that day the lady will never close the door of the bathroom again and she will always carry the phone with her no matter where she goes.

They said the door wasn’t working properly sometimes the handle it stuck but the fault was ignored never imagine this will happen into real life.

So much about worst case scenario.
So it might be sounding pretty bad but always have the phone in your pocked and remain calm .

Call us anytime and we got that sorted fast and reliable.

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